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Dr. Charbel Chalfoun is a plastic surgeon serving the New Jersey and New York areas. As part of the ECAPS team, Dr. Chalfoun works with patients to achieve fantastic results. Perhaps because he’s accustomed to (and indeed prefers) working as a team, Dr. Chalfoun has a widely recognized reputation for listening to his patients. During consultations, he answers all of his patients’ questions, ensuring that those patients are comfortable with their procedures.

Since receiving his training in Orange County, CA, Dr. Chalfoun has developed a speciality in several areas of aesthetic plastic surgery. He often sees patients looking for rhinoplasty for facial plastic surgery procedures. He also offers specialties in breast surgery and regularly performs body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck and liposuction.

At his practice in Ridgewood, NJ, Dr. Chalfoun often sees patients for both aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. If you have a liposuction question or want to know what body contouring can do for your body and you’re in the New York or New Jersey area, contact Dr. Chalfoun to schedule a confidential consultation and get the entire process started.

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Modern Lipo Statistics 2016


liposuction procedures performed in the United States in the year 2015


on average, between 8 and 12 pounds of fat can be removed using liposuction


Fat graft butt lift using liposuction performed in the U.S. in the year 2015