Modern Lipo

Liposculpting With Power

Good Vibrations for Better Results

It may sound a little odd, but Power Assisted Liposuction is able to use a vibrating cannula in order to achieve superior results.

The vibrating cannula is actually able to more efficiently dislodge fat, meaning that the contouring is smoother and more natural looking.

Everyone has areas of their body that they wish they could sculpt to perfection. It can be scary though, when you think your only options are painful, invasive surgery. Worry no longer, thanks to an incredible new innovative advancement in liposuction technology! Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is definitely the latest, most cutting-edge way to get the results that you are looking for. Unlike traditional liposuction procedures of the past, Power-Assisted Liposuction allows the doctor to remove large quantities of fat easily and effortlessly. If you are looking to sculpt an area of your body without experiencing large amounts of swelling, bruising, pain, and scarring… PAL may be the perfect procedure for you.

Let Your “PAL” Do All the Work

Power-Assisted Liposuction works by using miniaturized cannulas to remove unwanted fatty tissue from your body. The difference between PAL and other techniques is that the cannulas used during this form of liposuction emit tiny, rapid vibrations. The vibrations allow the surgeon to remove more fat in a shorter period of time. The tiny vibrations break up fat cells quickly, making it easier to quickly remove them from the body. Power-Assisted Liposuction uses the tumescent liposuction technique of miniaturized cannulas, which require less incisions necessary to create incredible results. Only a few small cuts are needed to remove a large amount of fatty tissue thanks for the microscopic size of the newest form of cannulas.

Good Vibes

The vibration of the cannulas actually makes liposuction easier on the body’s tissues because it loosens fat cells and allows them to be easily suctioned away. This new technique really allows for a more gentile procedure, making the benefits of power-assisted liposuction endless. Large areas of the body can be sculpted using PAL, and more sensitive, delicate areas can be worked on as well. Fatty deposits in the neck and face are no match for the vibrations of the microscopic cannulas. Larger areas, such as the buttocks and stomach are also easily targeted with the use of Power-Assisted Liposuction. Plastic surgeons who are experts with this technology will know exactly how to maneuver the vibrating cannulas to get you the results that you are hoping for.

You Have the Power PAL

Doctors do not need to use as much force during a power assisted liposuction. Because of the vibrating cannula allowing the release of fat cells from the body, a more gentle procedure results. Researchers have found that 30 percent more fat was removed with PAL than with traditional liposuction techniques, while bruising, scarring, swelling, and recovery time were significantly reduced. Power-Assisted Liposuction is useful for treating areas that are typically difficult to sculpt, including the inner thighs, and male breasts. Because of the reduction is scarring and bruising, these intimate areas can be worked on with discretion. Men and women can both experience lasting results on a multitude of areas. If you have dreams of a perfect body but are afraid of the risks associated with older liposuction procedures- relax! Power-Assisted Liposuction is the wave of the future, and can help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of!

Modern Lipo Statistics 2016


liposuction procedures performed in the United States in the year 2015


on average, between 8 and 12 pounds of fat can be removed using liposuction


Fat graft butt lift using liposuction performed in the U.S. in the year 2015