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Summary: African American celebrities are influencing a whole new demographic of women who are excited to flatten out their stomach’s with a tummy tuck.

Time to Flatten Out

Stomachs are a hard area to perfect with simply diet and exercise. Because many of us carry our weight in different places, there isn’t always a natural solution that fits exactly with all of our needs. One thing that works every time, however, is the cosmetic surgery procedure known as a “tummy tuck.” Technically named “abdominoplasty,” celebrities today are going wild for the surgery and they are influencing many others to do the same. For a tummy tuck in Miami we suggest contacting the professional staff at Elite Plastic Surgery.

Color Me Beautiful

Two predominant African American celebrities, Kandi Burruss from Real House Wives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman have admittedly undergone tummy tucks to smooth out their stomach and decrease their pooch. In 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the number one most commonly requested cosmetic surgical procedure for Black patients was liposuction, which often times goes hand in hand with a tummy tuck. Women of color are starting to look outside the norm to achieve a sexy new look, and plastic surgeons couldn’t be more thrilled to share this excitement with a whole new demographic of women!

Understanding Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck” works the same regardless of a patient’s race. No matter what color or ethnicity you are, there’s a great chance that this procedure will leave you looking both sexier and skinnier!  Things you need to understand about your abdominoplasty include:

  • Almost all tummy tuck’s require a general anesthesia. Administration of anesthesia can sometimes be dangerous, and those who are at the lowest risk are patients who currently lead a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • If you have a lot of excess fat, an incision may need to be made around your belly button to remove extra skin. For those who have an average amount of weight to lose, scarring is typically only in the pubic region and easily covered up or hidden.
  • For those undergoing a full tummy tuck procedure, a new navel/belly button will be created.
  • 10 days after your procedure you should be able to resume normal activities. The final results of your abdominoplasty may take up to 6 months to set in.

Celebrity Influence

Tami and Kandi aren’t the only strong, beautiful women of color who are undergoing tummy tucks. TV and radio personality Wendy Williams, and well as the ever popular and multitalented Nene Leeks have admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery to their stomach region. The popularity of flat stomachs among African American women is a growing trend, and there are so many famous faces (and tummy’s!) following suit.  If you are inspired by your favorite celebrities, an abdominoplasty procedure may be the best option for you.

Be Choosy, Girl!

The most important factor of a successful cosmetic procedure is choosing the right board certified plastic surgeon. Asking a lot of questions and being clear about your wishes for your final results can assure that you are left looking fabulous. Doctors like pictures too, so if one of the famous ladies above is serving as your inspiration, bring in a photo of Nene or Kandi and let your surgeon do the rest!

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