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Summary: There are several common misconceptions surrounding tummy tucks and when you should or shouldn’t have the procedure. Is there a certain age when you’ll see better results from a tummy tuck? Getting a tummy tuck is a big decision, so it’s important to carefully consider whether or not the timing is right in order to ensure you’ll enjoy your results for years to come.

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The Age Factor

Legally, the minimum age a tummy tuck recipient can be is 18 years of age, but age is much less relevant to determining a patient’s candidacy than other factors. The best candidates for a tummy tuck should be in good health, maintain a steady weight and enjoy healthy lifestyle habits. Patients should also have realistic expectations about what the surgery can and cannot do.

What matters much more than age when it comes to seeing an optimal outcome after a tummy tuck is choosing the best time for your procedure. Should you have a tummy tuck before or after you reach your weight loss goals? Can you get a tummy tuck if you’re not finished having children? Planning ahead correctly for your surgery has a much bigger impact on your results than your age.

Perfect Timing

Even if you’re physically and emotionally a good candidate for a tummy tuck, proper timing is essential for ensuring results you’ll love in the long run. Your plastic surgeon will consider many factors in determining your candidacy and deciding when to schedule your procedure, and of course your preferences will be taken into consideration as well. However, there are two elements that are critical:

  • Your Weight. Patients who are overweight and hope that a tummy tuck is just what they need to slim down and get the figure they want will be disappointed upon meeting with a plastic surgeon. A tummy tuck is neither a substitute for disciplined weight loss efforts nor a type of weight loss surgery. Instead, an abdominoplasty is only intended to accentuate the body’s contours once you’ve reached your target weight. Patients who work hard to get to a healthy weight are often bothered by the folds of saggy, excess skin that can remain, and this is where post-weight loss body contouring procedures, like tummy tucks, come in.
  • Pregnancy. Although it’s entirely possible to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy after a tummy tuck, most surgeons will advise women to wait until their childbearing years are over before having the procedure. This advice comes out of aesthetic motivations rather than concerns over the state of your future pregnancy. If you have a tummy tuck and then get pregnant again, you may find that the pregnancy can “undo” your results. Because of this, it’s usually best to hold off on getting a tummy tuck until your family is complete.

Beautiful Tummy Tuck Results


The best timing for your tummy tuck surgery also depends on your willingness to commit to the lifestyle choices and habits you’ll need to maintain your results. Contrary to what some people believe, the results of a tummy tuck are not permanent and can be affected if you put on extra pounds or undergo another pregnancy in the future. Because of this, the best time to have a tummy tuck is after you’ve developed healthy diet and exercise habits that you can continue to practice after your surgery in order to enjoy your results for years to come.

Why Tummy Tuck Timing Matters More than Your Age

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