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Why is tummy tuck so popular? That’s a good question. We’re used to seeing plastic surgery procedures rise, fall, and maybe rise again. But tummy tuck has been incredibly steady in its popularity–it’s consistently a top five procedure. So what makes it so popular year after year?

What Makes Tummy Tuck So Popular?

When it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery, there are some procedures that are so popular that they begin to form their own cultural presence. In other words, there are some procedures that people just tend to know. (Or think they know, anyway). Tummy tuck is one such procedure, broadly known well beyond the confines of the plastic surgery community.

That might seem kind of surprising. Tummy tuck has been around for a while, it’s true, but what makes it so popular? Why is tummy tuck the procedure that people know so well?

Getting to Know the Tummy Tuck

In popular culture, a tummy tuck is often depicted as a kind of weight loss procedure. And that’s… kind of accurate. Okay, it’s not all that true. It’s more apt to say that tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure. That’s not the same thing as weight loss.

Here’s how a tummy tuck works: as you age, your body has a habit of developing excess skin. That excess skin can come from any number of places: pregnancy, weight loss, even just the constant pull of gravity. But once that extra tissue is there, it’s tough to eliminate. There’s no diet or exercise routine that will get rid of loose, excess skin.

That’s where tummy tuck comes into play. A tummy tuck is designed to eliminate that excess tissue where it may develop. In general, a tummy tuck won’t affect the actual amount of fat in your body (if you want to remove fat, that’s what liposuction is for–and the two procedures are often performed concurrently).

Why is Tummy Tuck Popular?

The end result of a tummy tuck procedure is a belly that looks much more slim, fit, and athletic. But is that enough to really make tummy tuck as popular as it is? Well, yes and no. It’s a start, let’s put it like that. Here are some of the reasons why tummy tuck remains quite popular:

  • There are very few ways to eliminate excess skin outside of plastic surgery.
  • Excess skin commonly develops–and can often be as uncomfortable for the patient as excess fat.
  • Tummy tuck is often the last part in a long weight loss process. Many patients who have lost weight will then undergo a tummy tuck.
  • Tummy tuck is known medically as abdominoplasty. But the alliterative common name is quite catchy–and that certainly helps its popularity, though it may seem relatively trivial.
  • This procedure can be performed with few visible marks. In general, the incision is hidden beneath the bikini line, making it quite difficult for anyone to notice.
  • Eliminating excess skin without surgery can be quite problematic; tummy tuck offers a viable solution to that particular problem.

This list could keep going. There are many significant benefits to a tummy tuck procedure. Of course, what’s most important is finding the reason why a tummy tuck will be good for you. Finding that individualized reason will be up to you and your surgeon, so it’s important to take your consultation seriously in order to find the best possible solution.

Tummy Tuck Continues to Stay Popular

There’s no doubt that tummy tuck will continue to stay popular. It’s a procedure that has seen ebbs and flows over the decade, certainly, but it’s also been one of the top five procedures every single year for the past few years.

Whether tummy tuck is popular, however, matters less than whether tummy tuck is the right fit for you. The overall popularity of the procedure means that you can probably take some comfort in the reliability of the results. But whether this procedure is right for you at this particular moment of your life will depend on conversations between you and your surgeon.

In other words, you should get some unique and individualized advice about that! Why is tummy tuck so popular? Well, for most people, the results speak for themselves.

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