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Why do people get tummy tuck surgery when they know the recovery period will be rather uncomfortable? That’s a good question. The recovery period for tummy tuck is somewhat notorious for the discomfort it causes. So why would anyone go through that willingly? Well, motivations will vary from individual to individual–but the bottom line might have something to do with the results of the procedure.

Why Do People Get Tummy Tuck When They Know it Might Be Painful?

Tummy tuck procedures are well known for both their effectiveness and their ability to cause… discomfort during recovery. And that raises some questions about the motivations driving tummy tuck patients. Knowing what they know about the recovery, why do people get tummy tuck surgery in the first place?

The personal motivations at work are almost always just that: personal. And individualized. In other words, there’s no single motivation pushing hundreds of thousands of people to undergo tummy tuck surgery.

Instead, there are thousands of individualized motivations, each a little different for every patient. But there are some common threads, especially as you break up patient groups by age and life experience. So let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people get tummy tuck procedures. Though, it’s worth pointing out that none of these motivations are more or less worthy than the others–they’re all just different, and that’s okay.

Post-Pregnancy Tummy Tuck

One of the biggest motivating factors for patients is the transformation of the body that happens during pregnancy. If you’re not familiar with tummy tuck surgery (or with pregnancy), that might not make a whole lot of sense at first. But here’s what happens.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a significant transformation. Over those nine months or so, your skin gets pretty stretched out, especially around the belly area. If you’re young, it’s possible that your skin will bounce back… to an extent. But as you age, the elastin in your skin becomes less and less effective, and that ability to “bounce back” disappears.

So, after pregnancy, women are often left with a significant amount of excess skin around the belly. And this can make patients feel as older (and less fit) than they actually are. A tummy tuck can help patients feel younger–so it’s a procedure that’s especially popular with women who have had children (and doubly popular with those who had children early).

Post Weight Loss Tummy Tuck

Along the same lines is the post-weight loss tummy tuck. When you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate any extra volume. Later in life, you might find yourself losing weight (for any number of reasons–maybe you find some time for a little exercise, maybe you change the way you eat, maybe you undergo liposuction). This weight loss, then, will usually result in a significant amount of excess skin (depending on the extent of the weight loss).

That can be kind of deflating. You’ve put all that effort into weight loss and you can’t really show off your transformation because all that excess skin is in the way. At least, that’s how some patients tend to think about it.

A tummy tuck is designed to eliminate much of that unwanted excess skin and help you look (and feel) fit. In many cases, liposuction and tummy tuck are paired together in order to get the best of both body contouring techniques. When significant liposuction is performed without a tummy tuck, there’s the chance that excess skin will result, so many patients seeking a sizeable transformation opt for both.

Is it Worth the Discomfort?

Tummy tuck surgery brings with it a certain amount of discomfort, especially in the initial week or two post-op. Whether that discomfort is worth it or not can only be answered by the individual patient.

But that’s something you should definitely discuss with your surgeon. After all, your plastic surgeon will have a much better idea as to what your unique physiology looks like and how that might interact with a tummy tuck procedure.

As with any plastic surgery procedure, patients undergo tummy tucks for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s to eliminate excess skin caused by pregnancy. In other cases it might be the completion of a longer weight loss journey. It’s also not uncommon for a combination of factors to motivate a patient. (Indeed, tummy tuck surgery is often performed in conjunction with other procedures).

Smoother, Firmer Tummy

While the motivations might differ considerably (as one might expect), it’s important to note that the goals are often similar. Patients want to achieve a firmer, flatter tummy. And the way to do that for these patients is by eliminating excess skin from around that area (in addition to, possibly, adding a bit of additional structure to the abdominal wall). I suppose at its core, the motivations might boil down to that: why do people get tummy tuck surgery? To get a firmer-looking tummy.

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