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Botox has been around for decades, and it’s consistently been regarded as one of the most popular (and, often, one of the most successful) cosmetic surgery procedures on the planet. But, in a strange way, that almost feels like it’s kind of old news. What has Botox done for me lately? And what might it do in the future? What’s new with Botox in 2019?

What’s New with Botox in 2019?

Botox–known more medically as botulinum toxin a–isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s enormously popular, and with good reason. So our “what has Botox done for us lately” question is mostly tongue in cheek.

But the field of cosmetic surgery is fast moving, and there’s a sense that innovations at this point are almost, well, expected. It’s natural to wonder, then, which innovations Botox will unveil next and what the future holds for this particular injectable (cosmetic surgeons are always looking to the future, it seems). That’s why we’re looking at what Botox might have in store for us in the year 2019–and beyond (by which we mean, the coming years: 2020, 2021, and so on… you hopefully know how time works by now).

The Future for Botox

First, let’s look at what the future for Botox looks like more broadly–before we get into any specific innovations. That way we can set the stage, as it were, when discussing new Botox innovations.

Put simply, the future of Botox is… well, pretty bright. The industry itself expects Botox to continue its huge and monumental growth for at least five more years running. Where it goes after that is difficult to predict. According to data gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 7.23 million people in the United States alone underwent Botox treatments in 2018.

That’s a huge number, far and away the single most popular cosmetic surgery procedure–and that’s a popularity that is reflected around the world. It’s hard to imagine Botox improving on that popularity, but that’s what’s happened nearly every year–Botox just keeps getting more and more popular.

Botox Innovations

Cosmetic surgeons are always innovating with new procedures, and Botox is no exception. There are several ways in which Botox is innovating in 2019.

Digital Appointments

One significant innovation is in how you actually book Botox appointments. Allergan, the manufacturer behind Botox and several other injectables, is trying out a new website that connects you directly with medical spas and cosmetic surgeons providing Botox services. The idea is a kind of Botox-on-demand. It’s only been rolled out in two cities so far (New York and Los Angeles), but Allergan does have plans to expand it.

Botox for Migraines

One particular Botox treatment that is becoming more and more accepted and common is Botox for migraines. Now, this isn’t necessarily a new treatment. There has been compelling research about Botox and migraines for some time now. But the treatment type is becoming more common. That’s good news for anyone who suffers from these rather debilitating headaches, because Botox has been shown to limit the number and severity of migraines.


One other big trend is in who is getting Botox. We’re used to thinking of Botox as something for older groups–to hide the signs of aging. But it turns out that Botox is pretty good at preventing wrinkles as well. And that wrinkle prevention can be a big draw for younger patients. So one big trend currently is that younger and younger patients are going in for Botox appointments.

Botox Will Keep Innovating

The scientists and manufacturers and surgeons behind Botox will undoubtedly continue innovating with this particular injectable, finding new uses and treatments. But it’s important to remember that in almost all cases, that innovation is prompted and guided by patient demand. Patients want solutions to certain problems–sometimes that’s migraine headaches, sometimes it’s the inevitable appearance of signs of aging.

So we might have an idea about what’s new with Botox in 2019. But guessing where Botox will be in 2020 and beyond is a bit of a gamble. It’s just hard to see that far into the future with any kind of accuracy.

That doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying, though. We definitely know that Botox will continue its rise into the more popular sectors of the cosmetic surgery community. Botox is in an interesting position, in which the popularity of the injectable drives innovation; and each new innovation drives increased popularity.

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