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Body contouring in 2019 is probably going to look a lot like body contouring in 2018. These procedures, generally speaking, don’t change all that rapidly. But there are some new trends to be aware of as 2019 slowly builds on 2020 and the future just keeps on coming.

What Does Body Contouring in 2019 Look Like?

For most patients, body contouring is going to mean slimming down or trimming up. Various procedures are available to either eliminate unwanted excess fat or get rid of excess skin and other tissues. Simply put, body contouring is designed to help you achieve the overall shape and silhouette you want.

And that shape isn’t always going to be possible to achieve with traditional weight loss or body sculpting methods. There’s always going to be some fat you can’t get rid of with diet and exercise. What’s more, weight loss might actually cause certain issues, such as excess skin. Body contouring in 2019 will likely mean more procedures designed to give patients the results they’re after–with less in the way of downtime.

What Does Body Contouring Do?

To understand what body contouring might look like in 2019, it’s important to know what these procedures are able to accomplish today. These days, body contouring procedures are potent and powerful. Some of the most popular body contouring options include:

  • Liposuction: One of the single most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, liposuction is designed to effectively eliminate excess fat from specific areas of the body. This procedure usually requires only a very small incision (a couple of centimeters in length).
  • Tummy Tuck: When you have too much skin around your belly area, a tummy tuck is usually the surgical procedure that will be able to address your needs. Any number of things could cause this excess skin, from weight loss to pregnancy. A tummy tuck eliminates the excess skin in question, creating a look that is much slimmer and more athletic (not to mention youthful).
  • Body Lift: Your tummy isn’t the only place where excess skin can become apparent. Body lift procedures are designed to eliminate excess skin from elsewhere on the body (a lower body lift, for example, would eliminate unwanted tissue from areas of the lower body. The elimination of excess skin can generally be performed throughout most areas of the body, depending on where it is needed.

Body contouring procedures can also perform other functions. A breast lift, for example, is a kind of hybrid breast enhancement and body contouring procedure, as it returns the breasts to a more youthful overall orientation.

Non Invasive Body Contouring

Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift–they’ve all been around for decades now. And while there have been substantial improvements and innovations to each of those procedures, the real excitement these days tends to be with the non invasive approaches to body contouring procedures.

These are procedures such as Coolsculpting, which uses extreme cold to target fat cells (but leaves skin cells unharmed), or Kybella, which is an injectable that gets rid of fat around the jawline. There are other non-invasive body contouring options as well, and they keep getting better and more popular (generally speaking).

There are several reasons for this increase in popularity. First and foremost is the fact that people tend to love it when they can get benefits without drawbacks. Many non invasive procedures, such as Coolsculpting and Kybella, don’t have nearly the kind of recovery time you’d expect from surgery. So even though the results tend to be much more subtle, non invasive approaches are enticing because of that.

Improved Results

But non invasive approaches are also quickly becoming much better. Coolsculpting and Kybella are both capable of producing noticeable effects in most patients. Several years ago, that would have been virtually unthinkable. But these days, non invasive body contouring procedures are making waves.

That doesn’t mean the old favorites are going anywhere. Liposuction and tummy tuck can still produce remarkable and bold transformations. But non surgical options are allowing a whole new set of patients to get the results they want and have more control over how their bodies look.

And, ultimately, that’s the big takeaway. Body contouring in 2019 is all about ensuring you get to look the way you want to look. Because that’s when you’ll be happy with the results. It’s just that now you have more ways to actually do that.

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