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What body contouring options are people looking into this year? These new 2020 options are largely similar to what they were in 2019. That’s not to say there have been no new innovations. Cosmetic and plastic surgery is always innovating. But there are some mainstay procedures that are consistently popular–and it’s definitely worth looking into why that is.

What Types of Body Contouring Options Will be Popular in 2020?

Body contouring procedures have always been in relatively high demand. Liposuction and tummy tuck, for example, are two of the best known plastic surgery procedures in the world. When people think about plastic surgery, they’re quite often thinking about those two exact procedures. They’re virtually synonymous with plastic surgery.

But plastic surgery is also a field that’s known for change. So what body contouring options are people in 2020 looking for? Do they want the tried and tested methods? Or are they searching for something a little more novel? Well, let’s take a look at what’s on the market today to see if that sheds any light on the body contouring options people are looking at in 2020.

Tummy Tuck is Always Popular

First, let’s talk about tummy tuck. This procedure is always popular. If it’s not on the list of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures, it’s easily in the top ten. Here’s how it works: you tend to develop excess skin over your years (pregnancy and weight loss can both contribute to this). Once the skin is there, it’s virtually impossible for your body to get rid of it naturally, especially as you age.

Tummy tuck can eliminate this excess skin in a way that looks natural. For many patients, this is a huge boost to their confidence and self esteem. And tummy tuck is especially handy because it’s not as though diet and exercise (handy though they may be) can eliminate excess skin. That said, tummy tuck does have quite the recovery period, so it’s definitely one of those procedures to talk about with your surgeon before you commit to.

Liposuction Has Come a Long Way

Liposuction used to be something of a blunt instrument. It was a way to suction out a lot of fat from part of the body. These days, though, liposuction is a procedure of finesse. Sometimes called liposculpture or liposculpting, modern liposuction can suction out fat in a way that compliments your contours.

In other words, your results will look exceptionally natural. And that’s a big deal for liposuction. Modern liposuction techniques can actually curve your results, melting away fat in some places and leaving it in others. This means you’ll be able to keep the curves you want and get rid of the excess volume you don’t. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, but it’s still one that’s most often best performed by a highly qualified plastic surgeon.

Kybella is Shaking Things Up

Non-invasive body contouring is hard to come by. There are typically two viable options: Coolsculpting and Kybella. Of the two, Kybella seems to show the most promise (though, Coolsculpting has come a long way, too). For those who don’t know, Kybella is an injectable fat-mitigation treatment. Essentially, by synthetically duplicating the compounds in your body that already break down fat, Kybella has found a way to selectively eliminate unwanted fat.

Now, Kybella doesn’t work on everybody. And it won’t do anything to eliminate unwanted excess skin. But it’s still quite exciting! For the moment, Kybella is only FDA approved to treat the submental area of the jawline–the chin. But that means that Kybella can effectively eliminate the dreaded double-chin without the need for surgery. For many people, that makes Kybella the top body contouring option of 2020.

Don’t Be Swayed By Trends Alone

If you want body contouring, you’re going to have plenty of options in 2020. That’s why it’s important that you not be swayed by trends alone. There will always be new trends. Instead, you should focus on what will work best for you and your desired outcome. After all, plastic surgery is all about you–and how you want to look.

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