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Summary: Although it’s a widespread misconception that liposuction is primarily for women, this body sculpting procedure is actually the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery among men. However, since fat distribution in men and women is often very different, male patients tend to have their own particular problem spots they’d like to see targeted. Here are a few of the most popular.

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1. Love Handles

Despite their rather endearing name, ‘love handles’ aren’t typically something men actually love about their bodies. These isolated pockets of fat show up just above the hips and can wrap forward to the belly or backward toward the spine… or a bit of both. Love handles can stubbornly hang on despite even the healthiest diet or the most committed exercise routine, but the high precision of PowerLipo® liposuction is ideal for slimming down these fat deposits for a more streamlined lower torso.

2. Back

The back may not seem like one of the major fat repositories of the body, but some men do notice that fat likes to collect either through the upper or lower back. The back is another area that’s virtually impossible to target with specific exercises or changes in diet, and is also one of the most notoriously difficult to shape or tone without cosmetic surgery. Liposuction removes fatty deposits through the back to reveal smooth musculature again.

3. Abdomen

In men, as in women, the belly is one of the major sticking points as far as fat is concerned. Belly fat in men is particularly difficult, as age-related hormonal changes are often what’s responsible for the unfamiliar fat redistribution that results in the distinctive “beer belly” look. This excess fat isn’t necessarily due to being overweight, as even men who are at their target weight and who are in good shape otherwise may still notice a softer tummy than they’d like. Liposuction helps reshape the midsection to better reveal the firmer muscles hidden below when other methods have failed.

4. Chest

The development of gynecomastia, or the appearance of male breasts, can be a cause for significant self-esteem concerns in men. Male breasts may appear during adolescence and disappear on their own, or they may develop later in life as a response to the changes in hormone levels associated with age. Although true gynecomastia is the growth of glandular breast tissue, fat deposits in the chest are often referred to as gynecomastia as well. With a little judiciously placed lipo, the more masculine lines of the upper chest and pectoral muscles become better defined.

5. Jaw Line

Fat buildup around the jaw line leads to prominent jowls that can age your face prematurely. Facial liposuction uses very precise techniques to target excess fat deposits along the jaw line, and even through the upper neck. The results typically show cleaner, sharper lines to the jaw area and a smoother, clearer transition to the neck. Facial lipo can also help eliminate any evidence of a double chin, another facial ager.

The Motivation for Lipo

No matter how dedicated you may be to hitting the gym, there’s always the chance that there will be a few spots here or there that don’t respond the way you’d like them to. Liposuction offers a solution for eliminating problem areas and helping you get the body shape you’ve already worked so hard to achieve. Although lipo isn’t an alternative to weight loss, it is the ideal answer for fine-tuning the lines of your body to bring out the best in your physique.

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