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The benefits and drawbacks of liposuction often depend on the individual considering the procedure. Liposuction is so versatile that pros and cons will almost always depend on what you want the end result to be.

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05 Apr: Liposuction Pros and Cons for 2017

Liposuction changes every year, so we’re bringing you the liposuction pros and cons for 2017. These pros and cons will vary from person to person—what’s good for you might be bad for your neighbor and vice versa. But it at …

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Modern Lipo Statistics 2016


liposuction procedures performed in the United States in the year 2015


on average, between 8 and 12 pounds of fat can be removed using liposuction


Fat graft butt lift using liposuction performed in the U.S. in the year 2015