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There are plenty of surprising reasons to get breast surgery. But mainly, that’s because we’re used to thinking about breast surgery in a pretty limited and narrow way. We’re used to thinking of breast surgery as breast augmentation—and that’s about it. The truth of the matter is that why you might get breast surgery is often a very personal thing.

When most people think about reasons to get breast surgery, they often assume that motivations are purely aesthetic. These bystanders or plastic surgery novices may also assume that breast enhancement only goes in one direction. That’s also untrue. Indeed, there are quite a few surprising reasons to get breast surgery, especially if you’re talking about more than simply breast augmentation.

Some Surprising Reasons to Get Breast Surgery

That’s right—there’s more to breast surgery than the insertion of implants! In fact, there are quite a few breast procedures, including:

  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Fat Graft Breast Augmentation
  • Various combinations of the above

It’s likely that you at least knew about a few of these. Breast procedures tend to be pretty popular, but the results tend to be discussed a bit more than the motivations. That’s too bad, because those motivations are actually pretty interesting. In fact, there are plenty of surprising reasons to get breast surgery. Let’s take a look at a few.

Breast Surgery That Will Make You Look Younger

People undergo all kinds of procedures designed to make them look more youthful. From facelifts to blepharoplasty, there are all kinds of ways that plastic surgery patients will seek to remove and eliminate wrinkles. Even Botox is used primarily for that purpose.

And yet, it will probably surprise many of our readers that the desire to look more youthful is one of the most common motivations for breast surgery. In this case, the procedure in question is called a breast lift.

Now, breast lift probably sounds pretty familiar. But what the procedure actually does is probably slightly less commonly known:

  • A breast lift will return the breasts to a more youthful orientation
  • As you age, your breast will inevitably sag—a result of aging combined with gravity
  • This sagging can be exacerbated by certain life events, such as pregnancy or massive weight loss

Returning the breasts to a more youthful orientation can help patients feel energized and confident.

Breast Surgery Can be Used to Reduce Pain and Discomfort

What might be surprising about breasts (if you’re young or if you’re male) is that the larger they are, the more pain and discomfort they might create. Which bring us to our second surprising motivation for breast enhancement: the pain and discomfort caused by breasts that are too large for one’s frame.

To eliminate this pain and discomfort, many women will opt to undergo a procedure called a breast reduction. This might sound obvious, but during a breast reduction excess breast tissue will be eliminated—reducing the size of the breasts.

Again, this is a fairly well known procedure. But the fact that, in the end, this procedure can help eliminate headaches, back pain, and neck issues is less well known. Once the extra mass is no longer pulling and straining on those parts of the body, the pain is diminished—and the patient feels much better!

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

The final surprising reason that women undergo breast is also kind of a bummer: breast cancer. Indeed, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy tends to be one of those motivations that people don’t really think about. And while reconstructive surgery is certainly performed under an entirely different set of circumstances, it does borrow some of the same basic concepts from more typical breast augmentation surgery.

That said, there are plenty of breast reconstruction procedures that are much more complex than your typical breast augmentation. That’s because breast reconstruction will often rely on donor tissue from elsewhere in the body (usually around the abdomen).

This means that breast reconstruction will often rely on complex microsurgery in order to achieve the desired final results. However, the results of these procedures are often quite dramatic, allowing patients to feel a renewed sense of hope and completion. Indeed, reconstructive breast surgery is often now integrated into several types of surgical teams committed to helping patients treat and recover from breast cancer.

The Right Breast Procedure for You

Ultimately, the motivations for undergoing a breast procedure—of any kind—are going to be incredibly personal. No one can tell you what’s going to make you feel confident. That’s something you have to know all on your own.

And, ultimately, that’s a good thing. The main takeaway here is this: the reason that these motivations for breast enhancement are surprising is because they’re personal. Plastic surgery gets a bad rap for being shallow or superfluous—and I just don’t think that’s the case.

Whatever your own surprising reason to get breast surgery may be, know that that’s the only reason that matters.

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