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7 Tips to Keep You Beautiful While Traveling This Summer

Summer brings great adventures, trips around the globe… or even down the street. However, the joys of traveling and summer don’t come without its taxes to your looks and beauty concerns of its own. To help you enjoy your summer without stress (which can cause even more problems) here are 7 tips to keep you stunning while jet setting.

#1: Sun Damage (from Laying in the Sun)

The beach and the pool are two of summer’s most popular perks. Laying under the sun may be relaxing, and you may even like the glowing tan that it provides. However, the sun damage caused by excessive sunbathing can surface as unsightly brown spots (or age spots) and wrinkles. Try laser treatments to prevent brown spots and wrinkles caused by sun damage. The laser treatments also create a smoother, healthier appearance to the skin overall.

#2: Tired Eyes (from Jet Lag)

If you’re taking trips overseas, the changes in time zones may leave you with tired sunken eyes that may give you one too many opportunities to sport the new designer sunglasses you bought for the beach. To clear up red eyes caused by jet lag consider keeping eye drops in your carry-on. To combat dark under-eye circles consider dermal fillers prior to your departure. Dermal fillers can help plump the skin and create a more youthful appearance to sunken under-eye hollows.

#3: Dry Skin (from Climate Changes)

Flying to a location like Arizona might dry out your skin. To keep skin fresh you should alter your skin care routine slightly to stay more moisturized. Try an exfoliating treatment such as a chemical peel with glycolic acid (if your skin is particularly sensitive a chemical peel or product with lactic acid can provide exfoliation without over stimulating the skin.) Add additional hydration by utilizing a topical cream that contains shea butter for intense moisture.

#4: Is Your Bikini Line Swimsuit Ready?

You’ve made it to your dream destination– Australia, and after that long flight and those exhausting long lines in the airport, all you want to do is go for a long swim. But wait! You’re not quite prepared. You’ve got a slightly “hairy situation” down under (if you know what we mean). A thwarted spontaneous trip to the beach could have been avoided in 6 simple treatments prior to your vacation. Laser hair removal can permanently reduce hair growth, and it is safe enough to be used on your bikini line regardless of skin type. Newer lasers such as the LightSheer Duet can finish a treatment in as little time as 5 minutes.

#5: Dry Hair from Swimming Pools

Chlorine and salt water can take a toll on your hair, making it seem hard and brittle. Applying conditioner to your hair prior to diving into a pool can help protect your hair from the chemicals and salt. (Bonus Tip: Braid your hair and let it air dry after a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment to avoid extra damaging heat. When you take down your braids, you would have created sexy beach waves.)

#6: Ahem… Waistline from Eating at Restaurants

Have you gained a few pounds because of those fruity drinks by the pool and scrumptious dinners at your destination’s hottest new restaurants?  To prevent the weight gain drink several glasses of water during the day, make sure you drink a couple of glasses of water with your meal to help slow down your eating. By slowing down your eating you allow your food more digestion time, and you’ll recognize more quickly when you’re full.

#7: 3-1-1 Rule, Now What?

Did your high-priced foundation and lip plumping gloss get tossed by airport security on your way out of the country? When it comes to staying pretty while travelling, a high-maintenance routine is less than favorable. In order to travel lighter, focus on creating the best appearance possible without make-up through the use of cosmetic procedures that have long term effects. Laser treatments can help you create a pretty even toned skin that glows when flushed from the heat. Lip enhancements will plump your lips just enough that you’ll need little more than chapstick to have a kissable pout. Summertime is the perfect time to look less “done.” (This also means no melting, drippy foundation all over your summer white outfits.)

For more on how cosmetic procedures can enhance your summer visit Dr. Steven Dayan – Chicago Cosmetic Surgeon at SDMD.

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