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What is SmartLipo?

And how does it work?

Smart Lipo is a procedure in which a laser is used to eliminate unwanted areas of fat. Traditional liposuction will use a cannula (a small tube) in order to remove fat via suction. Because Smart Lipo does not require any of the significant back and forth movements, it’s often perceived as having a shorter recovery period. Whether Smart Lipo is the right option for you will, ultimately, be up to you and your surgeon.

We are living in tough times, and it only makes sense to want to look and feel your best. Old fashioned, highly invasive liposuction procedures are a thing of the past. Some previously innovative technology getting a second look is Smart Lipo – and not only does it produce amazing results, its cost effective too!

What is Smart Lipo and What Does it Do?

SmartLipo is a safe and quick alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery methods. Pioneered in Europe, this procedure uses lasers to perform the liposuction procedure. Long gone are the days of painful needles and general anesthesia, SmartLipo requires only a localized anesthetic, and eliminates the need for needles with its cutting-edge laser technology.

SmartLipo is safe, and has been approved by the FDA since 2006. The small lasers used during the liposuction procedure can also be used to seal blood vessels as it eliminates fat, meaning less bruising and bleeding for the patient! Because of this, recovery time is also greatly reduced. Quicker results is one of the number one benefits of SmartLipo- you will enjoy your new figure several weeks before you would have ever been able to before!

Who is Smart Lipo For?

SmartLipo is for men and women, large areas and small. Arms, knees, back, face, breasts, and neck are all areas that can benefit from this incredible technology. Because the lasers are much more precise than the needles used in typical liposuction, the SmartLipo technology is ideal for delicate areas. No area is too small to be sculpted with this new and advanced procedure.

A worry of everyone’s is cost. Another great part about SmartLipo is that it is such a highly cost effective procedure because it gets you back into work after only 1-2 days! Bandages are removed within 1-2 weeks, and your skin will be back to normal within 3 months. SmartLipo is the perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of time to designate to recovering. The sooner you get back to work, the more cost effective the procedure really is. Don’t waste your precious time recovering from a painful liposuction procedure- make the more efficient and more effective choice of SmartLipo laser technology.

Is Smart Lipo Permanent?

Quite possibly the most amazing thing about SmartLipo is that it is permanent. Once the fat is removed from your problem area, it will never return. If you gain weight, fat cells will be deposited somewhere else in your body. Because adults do not create new fat cells, once SmartLipo removes your existing cells, new ones will never be able to take its place. This technology has eliminated the need for multiple procedures on the same area- which saves you time and money!

If you are within 25 lbs of your ideal weight, and are in good health, you’re an excellent candidate for SmartLipo. If you’ve exercised and dieted and still nothing seems to work, you may have just found the solution to your frustration. Don’t let your troublesome areas get you down any longer. Life is hard enough. Make the smart choice and let SmartLipo help you create that figure that you’ve always wanted.

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