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Revision Rhinoplasy: No Mistake is Permanent
Summary: Sometimes surgeons don’t get it right the first time, but this is not your fault and you don’t have to live with their mistake. Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure that will repair an original nose job that left you with results you weren’t happy with.
Taking Chances
When we decide to go under the knife, we are taking a big risk. Most of the time our results are amazing, but sometimes things don’t go exactly as we plan. Whether your surgeon took too much from your nose the first time, or you’ve had several nasal surgery procedures and now look “over-operated on,” revision surgery can help. Cosmetic surgeons can fix even the worst mistakes, and you don’t have to feel hopeless. Your nose can and will look better if you put yourself in the right hands. Too many people out there feel like they have to live with the results of their plastic surgery mistakes, but it isn’t true. If you’ve experienced a bad nose job (or several), it is never too late to correct the mistake.
Correcting Their Mistake
No matter what has happened to your nose, the right revision surgeon can fix the damage that has been done by prior procedures. Below is a list of imperfections revision rhinoplasty can repair:

  • Over-worked look (restores your nose back to a more natural look)
  • Abnormal, pointy, twisted nasal tips
  • Filling in noses that originally had too much tissue removed
  • New profiles for those who were unhappy with their original results
  • And several other primary nose surgery mistakes…

Question Everything
When it comes to the perfect revision surgery, it is crucial that you find the perfect cosmetic surgeon to perform your nose procedure. This can seem like a daunting task, but there are a few questions you can ask to help weed through the candidates and find the doctor that is perfect for you. Some of these questions include:

  • What percentage of patients leave satisfied with their results?
  • What is your percentage rate of revision?
  • What are some examples of revisions you have had to do in the past?
  • May I see some examples of your primary and revision rhinoplasty work?

You should always expect modest answers from your doctor. No surgeon performs perfectly every time, and it is more important that you feel comfortable and trusting of the intentions of your doctor. Seeing before and after pictures of his or her work, as well as finding out statistics of their prior surgeries help set you up for success.
Revisions and Decisions
Going through several nose surgeries can cause a lot of scarring, but don’t let a doctor tell you that there’s nothing that can be done. It is only in very rare instances that your current situation is the one you have to live with. Plastic surgeons in Dallas who specialize in revision procedures are dedicated to giving you the results you wish you would have gotten the first time. It is so important to realize that skilled rhinoplasty surgeons can more than likely fulfill your request. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore and think that your nose is the one you have to live with for the rest of your life, even if you’ve gone through corrective procedures before… there is always hope.

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