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There are plenty of questions you should ask about your breast implants before your procedure begins. The problem is that sometimes you aren’t quite sure what the right question should be. That’s why it’s important to express any questions or concerns you have during your consultation.

The Main Questions You Should Ask About Your Breast Implants

The decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery is always going to be a personal one. So it can understandably feel a little… invasive… to start asking all kinds of questions about breast implants. To be sure, you should be the one asking the questions here–you don’t need to answer anyone’s questions about breast implants (except, possibly, your surgeon’s). But there are definitely questions that you should be asking about your breast implants.

In general, the questions you should ask about your breast implants will involve both aesthetic and physical concerns. Most of these are questions you can ask during your breast augmentation consultation (and this article is in no way, shape, or form intended to replace medical advice–our articles are intended for entertainment only). Certainly, there is much to think about when you’re considering a breast augmentation.

Questions About the Size and Material

Some of the first questions you answer about your breast implants will involve the size and volume of the implant, followed closely by questions concerning the material of the implant itself. Or, let’s put it another way. Some common questions about your breast implant might include:

  • What size implant is right for my body? There is no universal “ideal” size for either breasts or implants. Surgeons may recommend sizes based on your frame and proportions, but those recommendations are not as important as your preferences. So the “best” breast size will depend on your desired final outcome.
  • How large will my implant be in terms of volume? Most breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (or cc’s), which is a measure of volume. That makes sense. Implants are designed to fill volume. How large that looks on your body will depend on a variety of factors, including placement of the implant.
  • What material will my implant be made out of? Breast implants will typically come in two possible varieties: silicone or saline. Of course, within those two types are all kinds of variations. The most popular implant type of silicone, due to its overall strength and durability. But silicone implants also look and feel more natural, giving them many advantages.

The exact nature of these questions will vary from patient to patient. Surgeons will be able to provide answers tailored to your goals and experiences.

Questions About the Surgery

Other questions will revolve around the surgery itself. These questions may include:

  • Where will the incision be made?
  • Where will the implant be positioned?
  • Will there be visible scarring after the procedure?
  • What will my recovery look like? And how long should I take off of work?

The answers to these questions will vary considerably depending on the nature of your procedure. Some implants are placed above the pectoral muscles. Others are placed below the muscle. And there are several different incision options that patients can choose from. All of these factors will then go on to impact the overall recovery time involved.

In other words, to get the answer to some questions, your best bet will be to go to the surgeons themselves. Many of these topics will be covered during your standard pre-op consultation. But if they are, you should definitely feel free to ask any of the above questions, especially if you have concerns of any kind.

After all, your surgeon is there for you! There are plenty of questions you should ask about your breast implant. And if you can’t articulate questions, then you should certainly voice any concerns you might have.

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