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Your “big day” could mean a lot of things. Maybe it’s the day you ask for a promotion. Maybe it’s your wedding day. (I guess that’s what most of us mean when we use the term “big day,” but that’s not exclusively true.) Whatever you mean when you talk about your big day, you’re probably also thinking about procedures you might get before your big day.

Some Procedures to Get Before Your Big Day

That’s because, whether you’re saying “I do” or making your case for a job, you want to look your best. You want to feel strong, confident. Or maybe you just don’t want to waste any extra energy thinking about how you look (you want to know you look good without thinking about it).

Various cosmetic procedures can help you accomplish that. But you want to be careful about how you plan for any big events, especially as they involve plastic or cosmetic surgery. That’s because many of these procedures–even the non invasive ones–involve a certain amount of recovery before you’re able to reach “peak results.” So which procedures to get before your big day will sometimes be dictated by how far away that big day happens to be.

When is Your Big Day Scheduled?

So one of the first questions you’ll have to answer is about scheduling: when is your big day scheduled? And how long do you have before you need to see or verify your results? The answers to these questions are going to be incredibly important in terms of guiding which procedures are going to be best suited for your needs.

For example, Botox injections are a fairly common non invasive procedure. And since it’s non invasive, you might expect that you might go in, get your injection, and see your results immediately. But there are some factors to consider when thinking about Botox:

  • Botox can sometimes cause bruising (depending on the injection site). It may take several days for this bruising to dissipate.
  • It may take several weeks for the neuromodulator in Botox to reach its full potential in terms of visible effects. In other words, if you’re getting Botox because you want to look great on your big day, you might want to make sure you’re scheduling your procedure out several weeks in advance.

That’s why it’s vital to talk to your cosmetic surgeon or medical spa professional about when you want your results to become visible. With that information, your med spa professional will be able to determine whether you have enough time before your big day or not.

How to Plan Plastic Surgery Procedures

So, planning for your non invasive, cosmetic procedures is pretty simple: start with that “big day” and work backwards. But what if you want to undergo a more intense, involved procedure before that so-called big day? Well, that’s when things end up getting a little more complicated, in large part because plastic surgery requires recovery.

Whatever plastic surgery procedure you decide to undergo–from tummy tuck to facelift–you’re going to have to plan around your recovery. Not only is your recovery important because your body needs time to heal, but also because your results tend to look, well, not quite ready.

Plastic surgery patients undergoing a recovery period will often see visible bruising and swelling. Recovery protocols are usually in place to try to control and diminish that swelling as much as possible–but it can still significantly dampen your visible results. That is, if you’ve undergone a tummy tuck, you’ll be uncomfortable and your results won’t be ready to see for several weeks.

Talk to Your Surgeon About Planning

So if you want to undergo a tummy tuck or a facelift before your “big day,” it’s important to give yourself several months of lead time. That’s especially true because plastic surgery recovery is usually safe, but it’s not always predictable. Having a set back of some kind isn’t necessarily common, but it’s also not out of the question.

So having discussions with your surgeon about what to expect can help keep you on the right track and make sure that, by the time your big day gets here, you’re ready. After all, procedures to get before your big day are all about helping you feel confident–about getting your self-esteem in right place. That way, you can put the rest of your mental energies into feeling great on your big day–whatever that big day might be.

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