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Your wedding day probably conjures up all kinds of spectacular imagery. Gowns, flowers, rings, that kind of thing. What you probably don’t think about right away is how plastic surgery might be inspired by your wedding day. It’s not something they talk about too much in all of those wedding magazines. And yet, the act itself–going to a plastic surgeon because of your big day–is something that happens with some regularity.

What Are Some Plastic Surgery Procedures Inspired by Your Wedding Day?

There are several reasons why one’s wedding and one’s plastic surgery desires seem to go hand in hand. To some degree, people simply want to look their best on their big day. And that seems rather reasonable–it’s one of the few days in your life that’s going to be well documented by a highly paid photographer.

But many also look at a wedding as a turning point in life. Your wedding day is the day that you stop being the (perhaps less mature) person you were; and instead, you begin your life as a (more mature) partnered individual. In that context, it makes sense that some people simply wish to feel that their transformation is complete by the time they get married. In other words, people want to feel like their real selves when the big day comes. So, sometimes they talk to their plastic surgeons about how that might happen.

Addressing Areas of Discontent

In some cases, individuals are motivated to undergo plastic surgery procedures before their wedding days because they want to address specific areas of discontent. The motivations for that can vary depending on the individual, of course. For many people, the feelings of self-consciousness surrounding a particular body part may become overwhelming.

Think about it like this: if you really dislike the way your nose looks–if you’re made uncomfortable by it–you won’t enjoy taking all those pictures. (And you certainly won’t enjoy looking at all those pictures later in life.) You might even feel uncomfortable saying hello or find it difficult to enjoy your first dance–it all depends on just how much your nose bothers you.

Or just how much any other part of your body you (the nose was just an example). It’s also worth noting that there are some temporary fixes you could pursue–if you’re more concerned about those wedding photos, for example. Permanent fixes will definitely take some time to recover from, so it’s important to make note of that in your wedding planning.

Common Pre-Wedding Procedures

So what are some of the most common pre-wedding procedures that to-be-wed couples embark on? Well, as always, this all depends on the couple and individuals in question. Nobody should ever undergo a plastic surgery procedure that they are at all hesitant about–or that they don’t want to undergo.

In other words, don’t let a wedding date pressure you into a plastic or cosmetic procedure you aren’t ready for or don’t really want.

That said, some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures inspired by your wedding day are:

  • Hand surgery: Perhaps it’s the knowledge that your hands are going to be in all kinds of engagement photos or that, in some ways, they’ll be the focus of attention, but hand surgery is quite popular after an engagement. There are several non invasive options for patients who want their hands to look more youthful.
  • Fillers and Botox: If you just want to look slightly more youthful before your wedding day, some fillers or Botox might be a good way to enjoy temporary results. Both fillers and Botox can help diminish certain types of wrinkles and make your face appear younger overall.
  • Liposuction: There are certain areas of fat that simply won’t respond to diet or exercise–and when you’re trying to fit into a dress or suit of a certain size, that can be frustrating. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of recovery time before your next fitting.

Talk Through All Your Options With Your Surgeon

Not every option is going to be the right fit for every individual. That’s why it’s important to talk through all of your options with your plastic surgeon before committing to one direction or another. Plastic surgery inspired by your wedding day should be about more than one day in your life.

Any plastic surgery procedure should be about how you want to see yourself moving forward, well beyond your wedding day.

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