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Summary: For the fitness buff whose focused fat-burning workouts still can’t tackle certain stubborn trouble spots or the busy mom with no time for cosmetic surgery that requires significant downtime, CoolSculpting® offers a revolutionary approach to permanent fat removal that can deliver beautiful results without a single incision.

While the cryolipolysis technology behind CoolSculpting® has been around for some time, it’s previously only been FDA-approved to treat localized adipose (fat) deposits on the abdomen and flanks. Recently, there’s been big news in the frosty realm of CoolSculpting®: the FDA recently cleared this technology to treat tricky fat deposits on the thighs as well.


Why the Thighs?

With the popularity of the #thighgap hashtag on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, it’s clear that American women (and even some men) are fixated on achieving slim, sculpted contours along their inner thighs. Unfortunately, genetics and natural fat distribution may put that coveted shapely upper leg out of most people’s reach.

ZELTIQ, the makers of CoolSculpting® equipment, conducted a market research study revealing that over 7 million people expressed an interest in learning more about this noninvasive permanent fat removal solution as a treatment for the inner and outer thighs. It’s clear that this is a zone of concern for many people, and now CoolSculpting® delivers a nonsurgical solution that can put shapelier thighs within reach.

CoolSculpting® Target Zones

CoolSculpting® has already been approved for use on the abdomen, including love handles and muffin top, and the flanks (outer thighs). With this recent development, which adds the inner thigh to the list of FDA-approved treatment areas, patients can transform their trunks and lower bodies with gentle, comfortable and permanent body contouring.

On the abdomen, flanks and thighs, just one CoolSculpting® treatment often results in a significant reduction of fat cells in the target area. While improvements are sometimes visible immediately, the most dramatic results are generally most apparent after a couple of months. In order to achieve the optimal outcome with CoolSculpting® on any target area, ZELTIQ recommends a customized treatment plan to account for specific anatomical and lifestyle considerations that may vary from patient to patient.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

Now that CoolSculpting® is available for use on the inner thighs in addition to the other FDA-cleared target zones, more and more patients are contacting their plastic surgeons and professional med spas to inquire about this procedure and determine if it may be right for their needs. When performed under the direction of a board-certified plastic surgeon in a professional medical environment, CoolSculpting® can deliver impressive fat reduction results without downtime or discomfort.

It may help to imagine CoolSculpting® as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. While lipo requires multiple incision points and typically requires a significant recovery period, CoolSculpting® treatments take under an hour and require no blades, drains, or stitches.

With the innovative CoolSmooth™ and CoolFit™ applicators, this technique gently targets non-pinchable fat pockets by gently and painlessly freezing fat cells so that they can be removed by the body’s natural elimination processes. Most patients will see the best results with two treatments per target zone spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart.

A Frosty Finishing Touch

CoolSculpting® can serve as an excellent finishing touch after significant weight loss, but won’t help patients lose weight. Like liposuction, the best results are typically seen in patients who have already reached their goal weights. For patients seeking a nonsurgical yet effective approach to treating trouble spots on the abdomen, flanks and now inner thighs as well, CoolSculpting® can offer safe, effective and beautiful body contouring.

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