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Should you get a neck lift

with your facelift?

What is a neck lift and why would you get one? After all, it’s not as though this procedure is terribly common. Most people haven’t even heard of a neck lift. They have, however, heard of facelift procedures. And a neck lift and facelift often go hand in hand. Each is designed to remove excess skin and, therefore, eliminate lines and wrinkles. And they’re often performed at the same time.

We’ve all heard of a facelift. But what is a neck lift and why would you get one? The reason some patients tend to be somewhat hesitant to undergo a neck lift is because it is a rather vital part of the body. It’s not especially sensitive (there aren’t an excess number of nerve endings in the neck leading to an incredibly uncomfortable recovery period, for example).

What is a Neck Lift and Why Would You Get One?

But we still tend to be kind of protective of our necks, don’t we? The impulse is understandable. There’s a lot of important stuff in there! And I think that’s where some neck lift hesitations come into play.

Generally speaking, neck lift procedures are actually quite safe. That’s largely because plastics surgeons are interested in treating only skin level issues. A neck lift is designed to eliminate unwanted excess skin, which itself causes wrinkles and lines. The end result is a neck that looks smoother and more youthful. What is a neck lift and why would you get one? The same reason you’d get a facelift: to appear more youthful. As to how, exactly, that works, let’s dig into some details.

What Does a Neck Lift Do?

First, we should talk about what a neck lift actually does. Before we begin with that, it’s worth noting that you should always consult with your plastic surgeon before elect to proceed with any given procedure, from neck lift to facelift.

These days, most neck lift procedures are accomplished with three small incisions. One incision is placed beneath each ear, and one incision is placed right below the chin. Using only these three incisions, surgeons are able to:

  • Remove excess skin from around the neck
  • Smooth out the rest of the skin of the neck in a way that looks natural
  • Eliminate excess lines and wrinkles from around the neck

In other words, a neck lift performs many of the same functions that a facelift does–only one of is for the face and one is for the neck. Small incisions are used because they heal more quickly, leading to better outcomes and more comfortable patients. This isn’t a trivial decision on the part of surgeons:

  • Faster recovery time means there’s less time for complications to arise
  • More comfortable patients tend to follow their recovery instructions better (and, thus, heal more quickly)
  • There’s little loss in the ability of surgeons to do what they need to do by limiting themselves to three small incisions.

To be sure, this minimally invasive approach might not be the best fit for everyone. But most patients will find this the optimal technique used by surgeons. If you have any questions whatsoever about your neck lift procedure, don’t hesitate to bring them up during your consultation with your surgeon.

Why Get a Neck Lift?

The motivations behind a neck lift are sometimes pretty interesting. But all of those motivations essentially boil down to one simple fact: the neck gets wrinkles. Sometimes, because of its unique place in the body, the neck gets a lot of wrinkles. That alone is often enough to get people to start thinking about plastic surgery. After all, the neck can often begin to manifest wrinkles well before the face does.

In other cases, patients start to notice the neck because of other factors. For example, when a patient undergoes a facelift procedure, the face will likely become smooth and youthful looking. A neck that has a significant or even moderate amount of wrinkles might suddenly stick out like a sore thumb.

This can have the effect of diminishing the potency of a facelift procedure. The wrinkles on the neck and the smoothness of the face cause a kind of disconnect that undermines the entire illusion. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that many patients plan their facelift and neck lift procedures to coincide with one another and have them performed concurrently.

Finding What’s Right for Your Face

Ultimately, the goal of any plastic surgery procedure is to find what’s right for your face and your body. That’s why asking that question, what is a neck lift and why would you get one, is only the very first step. Your plastic surgeon will want to consult with you about what you want out of the procedure, what your desired final results might be.

If you are feeling insecure about your neck and you’re wondering if you should opt in for a neck lift, contact your local plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation.

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