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Can Your Breast Augmentation

Look Natural?

Many patients want to know how to get a natural looking breast augmentation result. The first step is finding a surgeon who specializes in those results, who really knows how to make a patient’s body look proportional and graceful. Fortunately, those surgeons tend to be quite plentiful. The second step is focusing on what you want your final results to look like—and what types of implants you want.

There are plenty of people who are looking at getting breast implants, but they really want to know how to get a natural looking breast augmentation result. That’s because the stereotype of breast augmentation—or the boob job—is pretty out of whack with reality.

How to Get a Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Right, we’ve all seen those stereotypes (usually in movies or something), where a woman has breasts far larger than her frame and her body can support. There have even been entire sitcom episodes dedicated to “are they real or not” debates (for the record, we aren’t a huge fan of those particular themes).

The truth, however, is that most women want breast augmentation procedures that produce much more modest, natural looking results. In fact, the vast majority of patients want their breast augmentation results to fly under the radar, unnoticed by virtually everybody. (That will likely only be a shock to male readers.)

What’s the point of getting breast implants, then? It’s all about confidence, body image, and self esteem. And that’s where you start if you’re after a natural-looking breast augmentation result.

Implant Options for a Natural Look

It goes without saying that the size of your breast implant is going to make a big difference in how natural the final result looks. You want a size that fits with your proportions. In fact, that’s why many women undergo this procedure: they feel as though their breast size is too small for their hips and waist.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to guide you in selecting a great size for your frame. But you’ll also be faced with decisions about material. Most breast implants are made of either:

  • Saline
  • Silicone
  • Autologous fat

There are advantages and drawbacks to each type of implant. And there are even more subdivisions within those. For example, implant manufacturer Natrelle makes what’s called a “gummy bear” implant. This implant is designed to be incredibly safe and lifelike.

Fat Graft Making a Big Splash

This gummy bear implant is, perhaps, a response to the increased popularity of fat graft procedures. When fat is removed from the body (usually the abdomen via liposuction) and injected into the breast, the results will look and feel completely natural.

But there are drawbacks to the technique, including some unpredictability in terms of how much fat will “keep” in the target area. Patients that are more adamant about symmetry and size will often opt instead for a silicone implant, which will still provide a remarkably natural overall final result.

Why Opt for Modest Results

Breast augmentation can be a serious procedure. Surgeons have gotten really, really good at minimizing risks, but there are still risks (just as there is with any surgical procedure). All of which is a long way of saying that most patients really, really want their breast augmentation to be worth it. After all, there’s also a significant dollar value attached to each procedure.

But “worth it” doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody. For some patients, yes, they’re going to go through the surgery and recovery and cost and they’re going to insist that people notice their breasts—that’s the whole point to them! But they are not the majority.

In fact, most women are instead going to focus on themselves:

  • Body image: The procedure will be “worth it” if the patient’s body image comes into better alignment with her body. Often this will mean something about the proportion of the body: patients often want the breasts to appear more proportional to the rest of the body. In any case, patients are often satisfied when what they see in the mirror more closely resembles the way they see themselves in their minds.
  • Confidence: There’s something about achieving your desired proportions that increases confidence—at least in patients that actually want plastic surgery. Gaining this confidence is the primary barometer against which most patients measure their overall success. And this confidence has nothing to do with what anyone else can see—only with how the patient feels about herself.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Ultimately, getting the natural-looking results you’re after might come down to find the right surgeon. In the mecca of plastic surgery, Newport Beach, breast augmentation specialist Dr. Tenley Lawton, MD, makes a special point of emphasizing this in all of her marketing materials.

Which means there are definitely surgeons out there who specialize in natural looking breast augmentation results. Not only that, but there’s probably even a surgeon around you—near you—who emphasizes those types of results. If you really want to know how to get a natural looking breast augmentation result, contact those surgeons to schedule a consultation.

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