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Body-sculpting procedures such as liposuction have become more popular than ever for men who are struggling to reduce certain areas of fat on the body.  However, their primary concerns regarding the surgery often differ from those of women.

I never thought I would say this, but my husband got plastic surgery.

It’s true. We’re both getting older, and even though he’s healthy and active, he was struggling with stubborn fatty areas that refused to budge. I didn’t even think “cosmetic enhancement” was part of his vocabulary. translate When he first brought up the subject with me, he explained that he was feeling really unhappy about his body and started doing research online to learn what he could do about it. That’s when he discovered age-defying and body-sculpting procedures for men (which are more popular than ever before), and that’s what ultimately led him to opt for liposuction.

This was a big decision, so when he first brought it up, I wasted no time diving into my own exhaustive and eye-opening research. According to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, more than 23,000 men underwent liposuction in 2013, meaning 12% of the total number of liposuction procedures performed last year were for men. I learned that as men age, pockets of fat tend to accumulate in some of the same areas as it does for women: around the abdomen, on the flanks (read: love handles), and around the neck and chin. However, men tend to retain elasticity in their skin longer than women. This makes liposuction an excellent choice for men, whose skin is more likely to “snap back” into place after fat is removed from beneath.

But this physiological “edge” has existed for a long time, so why has liposuction only recently surged among men? Booming popularity and demand for plastic surgery has “given men a tool for understanding the benefits and risks involved with these operations,” explained an article on “And with understanding, comes choice. Traditionally, women were the ones who had more choices to make about the state of their health and beauty. site subdomains . Now, men are jumping on the bandwagon and claiming that right of choice as well.”

Although both men and women appreciate the fat-reducing nature of liposuction, men seem to have unique concerns regarding the surgery. For example, a 43-year-old man who described himself as having “good muscle development” and a person who “always exercised” posted a review on the plastic surgery forum RealSelf regarding the changes in his body as he got a little older. He wrote that there was no way of losing his extra fat without going on a crazy diet, and he worried that doing so would take off some of the muscle he had built. Maintaining muscle mass, as well as enhancing the appearance of hidden muscles, is one of the top concerns male liposuction patients voice that you don’t hear as often from women.

One surgeon — Dr. Craig Colville of Toledo, Ohio — says on his website that liposuction is a great surgical option for both men and women who are active and fit but unable to naturally work off stubborn fatty areas. He routinely performs liposuction on both men and women who want more sculpted physiques, but he also warns clearly on his website: “Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure and good candidates for liposuction are already at or near a healthy weight before having the procedure.”

That pretty much summed up my husband. So he got lipo, and I can honestly say I fully supported his decision. He feels younger and sexier, and he’s just happier in general — which makes us both happier together!

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