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Summary: Thousands of American’s every year head to their plastic surgeons to perfect their look. Often times we think of women doing this, but when it comes to rhinoplasty lately more and more men are going under the knife to enhance their noses profile!

Man Up

Cosmetic Surgery is not just for women. This is a stigma that has been attached to plastic surgery in Dallas and all over the USA for years, and men aren’t buying it anymore. It is true that thousands of women per year elect to enhance their look cosmetically, but more and more men are starting to buy into the trend and use plastic surgery as a tool to look even better than ever. Men today are electing to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure (aka “nose job”) to enhance their profiles or correct their nasal issues. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly the trend took off, but when it comes to men undergoing plastic surgery, case numbers are beginning to skyrocket.

The Count Begins

Right now, rhinoplasty is the second most requested form of plastic surgery that men are requesting. Only edged out of first place by liposuction, droves of men are looking to enhance or correct their nose. For the sake of comparison rhinoplasty is only the 6th most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. While these numbers may be surprising, men’s reasons for wanting to go under the knife aren’t: they want to look great and feel even better! Men aren’t afraid to improve their appearance anymore, and the truth is,  a lot of men today aren’t happy with their noses imperfections. Large bumps, drooping tips, too narrow a shape – these are all cosmetic things than can be altered with surgery.

Enhance, Correct… Enjoy!

Rhinoplasty is a diverse procedure that can be used to correct aesthetic issues as well as issues with nasal health. Just a few of the reasons why men are lining up to undergo rhinoplasty include:

  • Correcting issues with breathing (sleep apnea/snoring)
  • Sculpting a handsome, attractive profile
  • Repairing a deviated septum or a prior nose break

When it comes to aesthetics, trends are showing that men don’t want feminine shaped noses. Men are looking to enhance their own masculine profiles, and keep most of their original shape. With today’s societal pressure to look beautiful, it really comes as no surprise to anyone that men are starting to follow the cosmetic surgery trends that their female counterparts have been benefiting from for years.

Where This Has Been, Where It Can Go

In the past, the majority of cosmetic surgery patients have been women. This may have been because the pressures to look good had a heavy effect on females. Today, society is not as gender specific when it comes to it‘s judgments. With images of attractive males popping up all over town, the pressure to be perfect are felt by men, as well. The trend for male rhinoplasty cases is expected to gain even more momentum, and as advancements in technology make procedures even safer, the spike in the number of plastic surgery cases is suppose to soar to great heights.

Think It Through

Men’s noses typically have a thicker skin, making a rhinoplasty procedure slightly more challenging. Typically, male noses stay swollen longer after surgery. With any surgery, there are risks and things to consider. Complications can always arise. With the advancements in technology, though, rhinoplasty procedures are generally pretty safe and almost always produce the perfect results you are hoping for. Men can rest assured that their choice to under go nasal cosmetic surgery is a good one!

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