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Summary: It’s no secret that plastic surgery is on the rise. From celebrities, to politicians, to your neighbor down the street—cosmetic enhancement is in high demand.

One of the best things about this growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery is the increased market for new technology and surgical techniques. As cosmetic contouring becomes a more accepted practice, surgeons are developing new methods for delivering the exceptional results that their patients expect.

One of the ways this is being done is through contouring “packages” that include several procedures performed by a talented and qualified plastic surgeon all at once. The mommy makeover is the best example of this, usually combining a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction for moms who are done having kids.

Surgery for All

It’s no surprise that combination procedures are gaining popularity. As time goes on, more and more women are taking an active role in maintaining their appearance goals. Take a look at the nutrition and fitness industry—billions of dollars are being spent each year in search of better health and head-turning figures. In our modern era of fitness fanaticism and cosmetic enhancement, women are finding ways to achieve their appearance goals by any means necessary.

This is especially true for the increasing number of women who choose to wait to have children until later in their life. While the bodies of younger women are usually fairly resilient, skin elasticity and firmness tend to decrease with age. Older women who have children may have a harder time regaining their pre-pregnancy figures once their baby arrives. Fortunately, procedures like the mommy makeover can be perfect for restoring the curves lost from pregnancy in women of all ages.

The Future of Cosmetic Enhancement

The popularity of the mommy makeover reflects a common desire in the plastic surgery world—instant results. Why wait to have a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction separately when you can have them all together? And what about situations where a single procedure can’t provide the results you want to see? Detractors may argue that the healing process for so many procedures ends up longer, but many women actually find that recovering from several procedures at once is preferable to undergoing the recovery process multiple times.

True, not every procedure can be combined as effectively as those included in the mommy makeover, but as our surgical knowledge and technology improves, so will our ability to provide comprehensive results through different combinations of procedures. One day, unrelated procedures like rhinoplasty, liposuction and a facelift may be able to be combined to offer more advanced facial contouring, for example.

The extensive contouring provided by the mommy makeover has even caught the eye of male patients. Men often have just as many physical concerns as women do, and soon, combination procedures for men may be available to sculpt and redefine their masculine physique.

The mommy makeover represents the future of cosmetic surgery. By providing extensive results with relatively few drawbacks, women are able to regain their figures without the need to undergo several surgical procedures and recovery periods. It’s likely that cosmetic procedures will continue to be combined to provide the customized results that patients have come to expect. While the jury is still out on how far we have to go, it’s clear that our society is hungering for the impressive results that combination procedures can offer.

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