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Knowing how to take good care of your skin can keep it looking healthier and more youthful. These days, skin rejuvenation procedures can be a little hard to come by. So taking care of your skin has become much more important these days.

Tips for How to Take Good Care of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin during a pandemic might seem, well, trivial. But sometimes it’s the little things that we can hang on to that get us through this collective tough time. Or, at least, make it a little easier. And sometimes that means taking care of your skin. Especially since remaining indoors can present some pretty particular challenges (it could be difficult to go to the medspa to get the skin treatment of your choice).

Luckily, there are some ways that you can keep your skin looking healthy and lush. And the longer you can keep your skin healthy, the better equipped you’ll be to keep your skin looking more youthful than ever.

First of All, Stay Hydrated

When your routines become disrupted, it’s easy to lose track of the little things. And one of those items that’s likely to become lost is also one of the most simple: drinking water. If you’ve been working from home, for example, you’ve probably noticed that it’s easier than ever to get caught up in what you’re doing and just forget to drink your water.

But drinking water is key to keeping your skin looking its best. Or, maybe let’s put it another way: if you’re not drinking enough water, your skin might be dehydrated, and that can cause cracks, lines, wrinkles, and discomfort. Long term, those wrinkles can stick around. So staying hydrated can actually help you prevent lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Now, staying hydrated is not the same thing as using expensive moisturizers (although you can do that, so long as you’re consulting with your local med spa). It’s more about making sure you drink your recommended daily allotment of water.

Second, Stay Out of the Sun

So, the sun is not great for your skin. You probably think about sunburn as being bad, and you’d be right–sunburn is indeed bad. (And repeated sunburn over time is even worse.) But tanning is also bad. Any form of ultraviolet radiation (which is the energy that helps your skin tan) is bad for your skin. Eventually, it can cause cancer.

But in the short term (and somewhat less seriously), UV rays can also cause your skin cells to break down. And that can cause sun spots, lines, wrinkles, and other aging-related artifacts. In other words, you can help your skin out a lot by staying out of the sun. Especially when you don’t necessarily have access to the helpful medspa treatments that could target these signs of aging.

And, just for the record, when we say “stay out of the sun,” we don’t mean that as encouragement to go to the tanning salon. A tanning bed might even be worse for your skin than sun exposure. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside–just wear sunscreen when you do.

Third, Don’t Smoke

Okay, so, we’ve saved this one for last. And, truth be told, we could have offered out all kinds of nuggets of advice. Use moisturizing soap. Eat a balanced diet. Get exercise. But, really, none of that’s going to help if you smoke cigarettes or tobacco products.

Really, there’s almost nothing that’s as bad for your skin (that people do on a regular basis) as smoking is. When you smoke tobacco products, you put your skin at risk for all kinds of issues, from lines to wrinkles to spots to discoloration–you name it. Smoking can make you look decades older than you actually are.

So if you want to take care of your skin, now’s a good time to quit smoking (I realize it won’t be easy, since you’ll be cooped up in your home for a few weeks, but there are certainly resources available).

When all this blows over, of course, you’ll be able to talk to your medspa specialist about what skin rejuvenation options you have. But in the meantime, taking good care of your skin can be a pleasure.

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