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Just how many facelifts has Sharon Osbourne received? According to her, the number is about to go up to four. At first glance, that might feel like a lot of facelifts. Most people only need the one, don’t they? Well, that might not be as universally true as you might, at first, expect.

So Just How Many Facelifts Has Sharon Osbourne Actually Had?

According to a recent interview, Sharon Osbourne–talk show host, reality TV star, author, and general celebrity–revealed that she is scheduled to undergo her fourth facelift. Now, that’s an interesting thing, because you’d never have realized that Sharon Osbourne has undergone three previous facelifts. At least, not without her telling you.

Because four facelifts seems like a lot, doesn’t it? For most people, one facelift is where the big decision lies. And so the notion of undergoing multiple facelift procedures seems… excessive.

But that starts you thinking: how many facelifts do you really need in order to get the results you want? Sharon Osbourne needs multiple facelifts and she likely has a pretty good surgeon, right? So does that mean you’ll need multiple facelifts too? Well, now’s a useful time to remember that all plastic surgery patients are different–and there’s going to be a lot that depends on you as an individual. Specifically, a lot is going to rely on your desired final results. It’ll be up to you and your surgeon what the best way to get there might be.

Why Would Anyone Need Four Facelifts?

So this brings up a very reasonable question: why would anyone–Sharon Osborne included–need to undergo four facelifts? It seems like a farce when you first ask the question, especially if you aren’t all that familiar with plastic surgery.

But the truth of the matter is that there are indeed some very legitimate reasons why one person may need or want to undergo four facelift procedures. Some of the possibilities include:

  • A facelift too early: If you received a facelift in your younger years, you may want another one later on. A facelift, after all, doesn’t stop the aging process–it just resets it. So If you have a facelift when you’re forty, you might want another one when you’re sixty. It happens!
  • A mini facelift: Your face isn’t always going to age uniformly. You may have pockets of wrinkles in this area or a collection of lines in that area. That’s why many patients will opt for a “mini facelift.” A mini facelift is much less invasive, makes small incisions, and is easier to recover from. But it’s also conceivable that you could undergo several “mini” facelift procedures throughout your life.
  • Revision facelift procedures: Uncommonly, you might undergo multiple facelift procedures because you aren’t entirely happy with how the first one turned out. This relatively uncommon, but it does happen–and it certainly helps account for why one might need to undergo multiple facelift procedures.

It’s not entirely clear whether it was a single factor or a combination of factors (or, really, any of these factors) that lead Osbourne to undergo four facelift procedures. That’s between her and her surgeons. Our intent here isn’t to illustrate her specific motivations.

Rather, our intent is to show that it is indeed possible for one person to reasonably undergo multiple facelift procedures over a decades long span.

What About Non Surgical Facelifts?

And none of that takes into account the notion of the non surgical facelift procedure. Non surgical facelifts are those that can be accomplished with the use of Botox or dermal filler injections. These aren’t always referred to with the “non surgical facelift” nomenclature, but it’s also not entirely uncommon.

When you receive a dermal filler or Botox injections, the results are usually temporary. Botox and dermal fillers are each designed to mitigate specific types of wrinkles or lines. Botox is best used for those muscle-related lines–frown lines or concentration lines, for example. And dermal fillers are the injectable of choice when the signs of aging could be minimized with a little more volume beneath your skin.

Which injectable is best for you will depend on your desired results and, of course, your current situation. Many patients will receive regular maintenance injections in order to keep their wrinkles away. In that way, you could say these patients received multiple facelifts–of the non surgical variety, sure, but still facelifts.

Probably None of Our Business

Ultimately, it’s really none of our business how many facelifts any particular individual has decided to undergo. That’s private–and it should stay that way. That said, open and honest discussions about plastic surgery generally can be quite beneficial.

Sometimes it will take more than one facelift to get the results you’re after–or, to keep them. Most of that will depend on you, your body, and your desired final results.

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