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Facelifts Win Every Time!
Summary: Politicians have always been known to get facelifts to appear more awake and confident in their job. After surgery they look younger and more confident- often gaining your votes! This theory isn’t just for those in the public eye… getting a facelift in Dallas could be just the boost you need to succeed in your line of work!
The News You Can Use
Politicians getting facelifts have been a rumor that has been flying around for years. The reason that they take advantage of this procedure is for the same reasons cosmetic surgeons have been performing them for decades: fresh, rejuvenated faces can make you look younger, and help skyrocket you in your career. Whether you’re in a public position like a politician or your work is more behind the scenes, and confident, rested look is incredibly important. While facelifts have gotten bad reviews in the past for leaving some patients with a “frozen” expression, in the hands of a great doctor your facelift results are guaranteed to be beautiful and natural. You and the right doctor will be able to work together to figure out your exact goals, and by going under the knife you could get that boost your career has been looking for!
Unique To You
Every procedure is different, and every surgery is customized and individualized to fit your expectations and your desired results. There are so many different improvements that can be made when you undergo a facelift procedure, and so many results that will lift off your confidence and career. The typical ways in which your procedure could vary include:

  • The area of the face which is worked upon
  • The number of tissue layers treated during surgery
  • Incision placement on the face
  • The degree of invasiveness of the surgery

It is critical to discuss everything and anything you may have concerns about before undergoing a cosmetic procedure. With so many different options available for you to choose from, it’s important to know which options will help you get the results that you are hoping for.
Winning Combinations
Many times cosmetic surgeries are grouped together to achieve an overall look of rejuvenation. The most common procedures typically paired with facelifts include:

  • Eyelid lifting
  • Lip lifting
  • Neck lift
  • Forehead lift
  • Brow lift

You know that if you choose to add an addition procedure to your facelift surgery, you can be confident knowing that your appearance will be freshened to an overall youthful and go-get-them look.
Consider This
There are always risks and side effects to everything. The more you know the faster and more smoothly you will recover. When it comes to facelifts, and all other Dallas cosmetic surgery procedures, the risks and side effects will be different from person to person. Mild cases of the following issues have sometimes been reported:

  • Facial sensitivity after surgery
  • Infection
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding

And other possible side effects…
The risks of these happening are often rare, and will vary. Most patients are thrilled with their results and consider any minor side effects they may experience to be worth it.
Be the Commander and Chief of your Own Life
There are an infinite amount of benefits to undergoing facelift surgery. For those who struggle with the negative signs of aging, a youthful vibrant look is critical in today’s job market. Similar to politicians who are constantly being judged by the people who are voting for them, you are also being judged by those who are investing in you and your business. Why not insure that you are giving them the best you’ve got? Armed with the right doctor and the right plan of attack, your capable, rejuvenated new look will win you the votes you need to succeed!

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