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Summary: With the help of external liposuction techniques, such as external ultra-sonic assisted liposuction, you are sure to experience the results you want with precision and efficiency.

External Lipo For External Results
Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. We see it happening every day. We’re constantly upgrading to new improved cars, cell phones, televisions — why don’t we upgrade our cosmetic surgery choices, too? It only makes sense! If you haven’t heard by now, invasive, old-fashioned liposuction is out. The latest and greatest option in Dallas liposuction today is external liposuction, such as ultra-sonic assisted liposuction, which helps doctors use ultrasound technology to make sure the fat cells removed from your body are taken out gently, and more important: gone for good. In an ultrasonic liposuction surgery, the fat is prepared by using an ultrasound machine.  The device breaks fat down so that it can easily be suctioned away with liposuction.

What External, Ultra-Sonic Means For You
There are many ways to go about liposuction surgery these days, but by using an external ultrasound (as opposed to an invasive ‘cannula’ ultrasound that is inserted into the skin), your doctor will be able to give you great results with less distress to your body. There are several benefits to this method. The use of high-intensity, high-frequency external ultrasound before liposuction can:
enhance your doctor’s ability to extract fat. The easier it is on your Dallas plastic surgeon to remove fat, the easier the entire process will be for the patient.
help to increase the amount of fat extracted. When the doctor is able to remove more fat, the final look you are left with will be outstanding!
decrease your discomfort during and after liposuction. The less invasive the procedure, the easier it will be on your body. This also dramatically reduces the amount of recovery time needed.

Benefits Go Beyond The Atheistic
One of the major benefits of choosing an externally assisted liposuction procedure is it’s effectiveness for the condition of Gynecomastia (excess fat in men causing the appearance of breasts.) Ultrasonic liposuction is ideal for this issue because it works wonders on dense, fibrous connective tissue, and it helps to loosen cell–to-cell interactions. Overall, it’s the best method for removing difficult adipose cells. If you are a male who suffers from this embarrassing problem thanks to unwanted fat, now is the best time to consider using liposuction to correct it. Because of the ultrasound technology now being used in cosmetic procedures, long lasting results are easier to achieve.

Progress = Results
When deciding to elect to have cosmetic surgery, it is very important to do your research. Choosing the right techniques and the right doctor can be critical when it comes to achieving the results you desire. When it comes to what form of liposuction is best for you, your surgeon will help you with those tough decisions- but know that the most advanced technology is usually a pretty good bet when seeking the best results. External ultrasound techniques can assist your doctor in removing even the toughest, most stubborn fat from your body. If you are a healthy, active person who suffers from excess fat deposits, you may be the perfect candidate for ultrasound assisted liposuction. Discuss all of your options with your surgeon and achieve the look you are hoping for faster and safer than ever!

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