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Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Enhancing not Erasing
Summary: People of all different cultures seek out rhinoplasty every year to alter and enhance their nose. Patients who come from varied ethnic backgrounds have their own set of issues to deal with while making a decision that will change their look, and their life forever.
For All, Always
Cosmetic surgery is an incredibly personal, individualized procedure. There are so many factors that will affect your motivation for surgery, and also the way doctors will go about achieving your final desired results. People of all different ethnic backgrounds seek out plastic surgery to cosmetically enhance their face. African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans come with their own set of insecurities, and desires for surgery. Rhinoplasty is a common procedure in these cultures because there can be a large desire for the nose to match the rest of the face. Some people in different cultures tend to have facial features that are more predominant, and rhinoplasty can help to make the face more balanced and symmetrical- no matter which background you come from!
Erase the Flaws, Erase the Guilt
Every one of all cultures wants to improve their appearance. The important thing to realize with rhinoplasty is that you are not trying to erase signs of your heritage, you are just seeking out the same corrections anyone else is who elects to undergo a cosmetic procedure. There can be pressures from all different places to look a certain way; if you wish to alter the appearance, size, shape, and symmetry of your nose, your procedure will follow the same steps as anyone else who seeks out the same.
It Can Help YOU
Rhinoplasty is a very routine surgery and every year cosmetic surgeons perform thousands of procedures on patients of all different backgrounds. The goals of rhinoplasty are the same for everyone regardless of ethnicity. Some of the results achievable with ethnic rhinoplasty that are often sought out by those of diverse ethnic backgrounds are:

  • Adding shape to a flat nose
  • Reducing the size of a genetically larger nose
  • Straightening out a nose’s bump or curve
  • Reshaping a nose to the patients desired final look
  • And many, many other improvements…

Every culture and every gene pool has their own set of potential nasal imperfections. Discussing everything thoroughly with your doctor will insure that your final result will leave you looking like a better version of yourself- NOT someone completely different.
Getting the Treatment You Deserve
Ethnic rhinoplasty procedures can be especially difficult for plastic surgeons because of challenges as a result of thicker skin, and different imperfections needed to be corrected. Finding the best surgeon that specialized in ethnic rhinoplasty is critical. Because your ultimate goal is to have a natural looking result, it is important that your surgeon knows that you are looking to improve your look, not completely erase the original signs of your culture. This is why a specialist is so important- because they will understand your needs and desires like no one else will.
Stay True to Yourself
Those with nasal imperfects feel self-conscious enough without factoring in the outside pressures on them coming from their ethnic community. If you are a person whose ethnic background has affected your genes and given you a nose that leaves you dissatisfied, look into rhinoplasty. You are not erasing your heritage, you are enhancing your overall wellbeing… and that is good for everyone, everywhere.

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