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Every year, Botox proves to be exceptionally popular. The holidays, in particular, seem like they’re a particularly popular time for Botox. And that makes sense. Holidays are a time of family gatherings. And it’s your family who might be the first to notice those lines and wrinkles–especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while.

Ending the Year With a Botox Appointment

Each and every year, we see Botox continue to rise in popularity. In some ways, that’s not surprising. The injectable is well known and seems to do a pretty good job of accomplishing what it advertises. But on the other hand, it’s kind of shocking. Botox is already the number one cosmetic procedure on the market by a wide margin. The fact that it continues to gain popularity is quite striking.

That’s why we’re spending a little bit of time talking about what sort of uses you might find for Botox towards the end of the year. After all, Botox will last for three to four months, making it a popular choice for around this time of year–you can encompass all of the major holidays and get-togethers with one injection.

Botox and the Holidays

So, one of the big reasons people undergo Botox is to get ready for the holidays. Over the year, you can start to see wrinkles and lines creeping up on you. No one really noticed. But the people almost sure to say something are those people you see only once or twice a year–at the holidays.

There’s a lot of pressure to look good for families. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but it’s a real thing whether we like it or not. So many Botox patients are seeking just a little bit of a boost before those big family get togethers hit:

  • Thanksgiving: Perhaps the biggest single family get together, Thanksgiving is a popular motivator for undergoing Botox and getting rid of wrinkles. Because it takes six weeks or so to see peak results, you may have missed your window a bit. But you could certainly still see some improvement!
  • Christmas: There are various yuletide celebrations around the month of December. And each of them usually involved a family get together of some kind. As with Thanksgiving, these are another popular motivator for Botox patients.
  • New Year’s: Everyone wants to start the new year off on the right foot. And one way to that is to look your best–and look your youngest. At least, that’s what many patients feel going into January 1 of a new year. That makes Botox particularly popular around this time of year. It’s a great way to get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions.

One Ending is Another Beginning

Whenever you end one year, you’re also starting another. And that’s another reason why Botox tends to be popular towards the end of the year. If you undergo your Botox injections in November or December, you’ll still be enjoying the results into March–maybe even April.

And it’s at that point where you can schedule maintenance injections. Of course, Botox isn’t your only option. There are various cosmetic procedures that can treat an array of issues–it all depends on what the patient is looking to achieve. From Coolsculpting to Juvederm to Botox, the medispa is a popular holiday destination.

Because people are ending the year not with a boom, but with a Botox.

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