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Otoplasty for Kids: The Time is Now
Summary: Deformities of the ear can cause children to be ridiculed and have a negative self-image. With an otoplasty procedure you can correct and improve your child’s appearance before it gets to this negative point. It is never too soon to do what’s right for your child.
What it’s All About
Otoplasty is another word for cosmetic surgery to the ear. This is the most common procedure performed on children, and it is one of the most effective surgeries when it comes to changing a person’s life forever. Ear abnormalities are something that you suffer from starting at birth, and a child can be safely operated on in this area by the age of 4. Jumping on this issue right away when your child is fully developed and taking care of this imperfection before your child lives their whole life in shame will be critical to his or her development. This isn’t an issue of vanity; it is an issue of doing what is best for your child.
Things That Can Be Done
There are many different types of ear deformities and imperfections. The following are issues your child may suffer from when it comes to the aesthetics of their ears:

  • Protruding ears
  • “Lop ear” (where ear tips bend down and forward)
  • Cupped or Shell ear (where there are very few natural creases to the ear)
  • Fixing earlobes that have been torn or intentionally stretched
  • Malformed ears (the general term for most of these imperfections)

The good news is all of these issues and more are able to be corrected with otoplasty. Most children who undergo this procedure are between the ages of 4 and 14. It is never too late to be the best version of yourself.
Working Together
During your consultation with a doctor, he will make suggestions on how to best achieve you and your child’s ultimate final result. Typically, even if all that needs to be done is to have the ears “pinned back,” surgery is still suggested to make sure the results are symmetrical and flawless. In surgeries of small children, often times a general anesthesia is strongly suggested to insure that the child will not make movements during the procedure or experience any discomfort or pain. There are many factors you will need to consider before your child undergoes surgery.
Take a Leap of Faith for Your Child
In this day and age it is tough to be a kid. Bullying is an epidemic and there are things we can do to insure that our children are not teased for things we have the power to fix. Electing to have your children undergo an otoplasty procedure makes you your child’s advocate for a happy, healthy life. Things are hard enough these days, why make it harder for your child by making him or her go through the world with ear abnormalities that can be so easily corrected? Discuss with your cosmetic surgeon today about how they can work with your child to create a beautiful, perfect look they can take with them on their confident journey through the world.

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