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Rhinoplasty for Corrective Purposes
Summary: Cosmetic surgery in Chicago isn’t always performed for cosmetic reasons. The truth is, thousands of people a year who go through rhinoplasty procedures do so because of issues resulting from a deviated septum. Imperfections like a deviated septum can making sleeping difficult, and surgery may be your only hope.
The Issue that Anyone Can Face
A deviated septum isn’t an issue that only a certain type of person can suffer from. Chances are, you don’t even know someone has one just by looking at them. A-list celebrity Jennifer Aniston just recently went through a rhinoplasty procedure to correct her nasal issues and has been quoted as saying she is “sleeping like a baby for the first time in years.” An incredible beauty such as Aniston clearly had no need for a cosmetic enhancement. She knew, like so many others, that undergoing a nasal surgery procedure could end her suffering. Issues associated with a deviated septum do not need to go untreated. There is always hope.
Deviated Septum: What is THAT?
One of the most common physical deformities of the nose is called a deviated septum. Most often caused by a displacement of the nasal septum, it can cause a lot of negative issues. Those with this condition have often suffered a blow to the face, or their nose/face was compressed at the time of child birth. No matter what your reason is for your deviated septum, skilled cosmetic surgeons can and will fix the issue. A crooked septum blocks the airways in your nasal cavity and this can result in many sleep and breathing problems. By straightening out the nasal passage and repositioning the bones, surgeons can set you free of your medical issues.

  • Stop Your Suffering
  • Side effects of a deviated septum can ruin your life. Those who suffer from these nasal complications have been known to report the following issues:
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sleep disorders (Sleep apnea and snoring)
  • Chronic headaches
  • Bloody noses
  • And many other complications…

Being honest with your doctor will help him perform your surgery to the best of his ability. Cosmetic and corrective surgery is a very personalized procedure, and the more information you can give your surgeon the better. Many patients don’t feel comfortable revealing all of the issues that they suffer from, but the more you can share about your suffering the more likely your rhinoplasty surgeon is to be able to correct your issues. Honesty is an important part of the reconstruction/correction process and you will be happy that you did everything you can to make the procedure easy on your doctor.
Say Goodbye to the Negative Stigma
Too many people avoid corrective surgery because they think that people will have a negative reaction to it. Worried they will be seen as vain and having wanted to correct their outward appearance, too many people put off cosmetic and corrective surgery even though it could be the key to feeling and sleeping better. Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful and highly respected actress. She clearly had no issues with her looks- it was a matter of no longer wanting to suffer. Her results have set her free, and the same can happen for you. Don’t suffer because you are afraid of what others will say, corrective and cosmetic procedures to fix a deviated septum may be all that’s standing between you and an incredible night’s sleep. Even the most gorgeous patients understand this!

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