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Summary: The hottest new trend in cosmetic surgery at this very moment involves one area and one area only: your chin! Facial implants can give you a beautiful new look, and 2012 is the year to do it!

Top of the Class

The hottest surgery of 2012 is by far the chin implant, or “chinplant” technique. Thousands upon thousands of men and women are jumping on this bandwagon and undergoing this facial cosmetic surgery process. Your chin can say a lot about you, and if yours is sagging or undefined due to a lack of definition or poor aging, your face may not be sending the right message to the world. If you desire a beautifully restored and chiseled look, learn more about the cosmetic surgery trend that has the industry abuzz.

Major Increase in Popularity

Why chins? Sounds silly if you think about it, but the answer is more serious than you think. A rise in social media use and video chatting may be playing a large role in the demands for more defined chins. If you are looking at your face on a screen all day and are unhappy with what you see, there is hope for you yet. Patients across the country have been flocking to their surgeons for chin implants- the surgery has experienced a 71% increase in popularity over the last year, meaning that nearly 21,000 people have undergone the surgery. You could be next!

Benefits To a New Chin and a New You

The chin implant procedure is a relatively easy one. It only takes about 1-3 hours max, and the recovery time is minimal. There are lots of other benefits, as well:

  • A well-defined chin can send a message of leadership and power. Your final look will give you the confidence needed to get out there and achieve your goals.
  • Your incision point will more than likely be made inside your mouth or underneath your chin, making any scarring that may occur very easy to conceal.
  • Chin implants can sometimes be done under a simple, local anesthetic, reducing the overall risk of your surgery and making it safer for you to get the look you want.
  • A relatively safe procedure in general, the chances of infection are typically less than 7%.

You Can’t Fix Your Own Chin

Chin implants are popular for the same reason all other implants are: there is no other way to fix the area other than surgery. Diet and exercise will not affect the way your chin looks, so you either need to live with an undefined face or visit your cosmetic surgeon today. It really is as simple as that. “Chinplants” are here to stay and this is one trend that you can bet will continue to grow in popularity.

Your Doctor Can Help You Today

Many people are celebrating the trend of “chinplants” and there is no reason you shouldn’t be too! If your jaw line concerns you and it isn’t as defined as you wish it was, discuss the implant process with your cosmetic surgeon today. After meeting with a doctor and discussing the facts you will have a solid understanding of what to expect from your final results, and what your scarring situation will be post-op. This isn’t just a recent fad- chin implants can help give you a powerful and beautiful new look, and that is a one big reason to smile!

Consult Miami Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Moises Salama for more information on Chin Implants and other facial cosmetic surgery procedures.

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