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Summary: When patients want permanently amazing results, doctors will often suggest an implant. If you wish to look younger and fuller forever, implants are perfect because of how long their effects last.
The Best Choice is Implants
Injectables and fillers often times only have a temporary effect. Chin and cheek implants, however, are a great way to permanently improve your face. You will look younger and more vibrant for longer. Much like how a breast implant can give you a fuller bust for decades, facial implants improve the way you look indefinitely. Sometimes in life we know what we want and we want it now- when it comes to a fuller, more balanced youthful appearance, most of us know that we want something that will last forever.
Easy as One, Two, Three
Facial implant procedures are very common and almost always follow the same easy steps:
Anesthesia always administered during cosmetic surgery because it is what is safest for the patient’s wellbeing. Your doctor will discuss with you whether you would be better suited for a general anesthetic, or an intravenous sedation.
The incisions for both cheek and chin implants can either be made internally or externally. These decisions will be made depending on where your implant will be sitting in association to your muscles and bone structure. Your doctor will discuss this with you before you undergo your surgery.
A critical part of your recovery will be related to the closing of your incisions. Your surgeon will stitch you up using sutures or stitches. These will be removed within a few weeks of your surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Video

Your incredible results will be able to be seen right away, however your final amazing results will only be visible once your bruising and swelling as subsided.
Most implantation procedures follow the above steps. When discussing your procedure with your doctor, he will help you know exactly what you will be going through under the knife. If your cosmetic surgery involves a general anesthesia, it becomes even more important to have this conversation.
Think It Through, Thoroughly
Permanent implants do have their downsides. Because of the need to undergo a general anesthetic, risks and complications can occur. The best way to avoid this negative aspect, however, is with an incredibly skilled cosmetic surgeon. He will help you reduce any side effects associated with an implant surgery. Swelling, bruising, bleeding and scarring will occur, but they will be minimal or mild if you are in the right hands. Most patients believe the positive benefits of chin and cheek implants are nothing compared to the results of their final procedure.
Making Our Case
Benefits of a permanent implant over the temporary effects of injectables and fillers are endless. In cases of patients wanting permanent results, there really is no better option. Patients who are younger and only suffer from a more mild case of lines and wrinkles may benefit greatly from injectables like Restylane and Botox; however those who have lost the fullness in their face and are beginning to sag know that implants are the best way to work wonders. The results of your implant surgery will be amazing and they will leave you looking younger for longer.

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