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Summary: You can’t buy a gallon of milk at the grocery store without seeing tabloid headlines gossiping over who had which work done and where. What these glossy rags fail to take into consideration, though, is the reason behind why any star decides to get plastic surgery. Are celebrities simply trying to maintain their perfect image on the silver screen, or have so many stars gotten plastic surgery at this point that any celebrity who doesn’t ends up looking unattractive by comparison?

There’s no question that we, as a society, put an enormous amount of pressure on celebrities to live up to our expectations. Whether this means a flawless complexion, the ultimate hourglass figure or even an impossibly, eternally cheerful disposition under all circumstances, celebrities who fall from this grace are immediately cast in an unfavorable light.

It’s no stretch, then, to imagine that those public figures who make their living in the limelight want to ensure that they’re putting their best face forward at all times. And this doesn’t mean only during styled shoots or nighttime talk show interviews. Today, the always-on presence of social media adds another layer to the enormous societal pressure placed on celebrities around the clock. In fact, the rise in selfies (especially unflattering selfies) has been listed as a contributing factor among the reasons more cosmetic surgery procedures are being seen among members of the celebrity sect as well as mere mortals.

Maintaining Celeb Status

Achieving success as an actor, model or in any other high-profile, high-competition career takes a staggering amount of work and dedication. Once you’ve arrived on top, though, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and coast on your reputation alone. Instead, attention turns toward the best way to maintain that penthouse view.

Because celebrity status is so inextricably linked with appearances, many stars dedicate a significant amount of time and resources into self-care. This can include regular appointments with nutritionists and personal trainers as well as med spa visits and consultations with experienced plastic surgeons.

The Red Carpet Look

It’s also important for a star’s public image to keep up with changing fashion trends. For example, the rise of the “J Lo booty” led to an increase in Brazilian butt lifts, while the dramatic hourglass curves flaunted by Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks led to a rise in liposuction requests.

Finally, although both men and women face ageism within the entertainment industry, older women in particular can find themselves unemployed as they “age out” of sex symbol status, and are shuffled into grandmotherly roles. Despite the increasing popularity of shows that celebrate ladies in an older age range, like Netflix’s Grace & Frankie, Hollywood definitely worships at the fountain of youth. And frankly, if faced with the choice between a little BOTOX® or the loss of your entire career, who among us wouldn’t opt for a quick touch-up on those crow’s feet?

The Need for Realistic Expectations

You don’t need to be a celebrity to want to look and feel your best. At the same time, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations bout the results of your own plastic surgery. Not every woman can look like Christina Hendricks, no matter how well-performed her liposuction. The best cosmetic surgery results—in celebrity and layman alike—are seen in those patients who pursue procedures that bring out the best in their natural assets.

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