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When Should Stars

Talk About Surgery?

Celebrities talk about their cosmetic surgery all the time, if you know how to listen to what they say. But the question is why. What do they get out of those conversation? We take a look at why celebrities might choose to be transparent and what we can learn from that act.

With all the flack they get from gossip columnists, why do celebrities talk about their cosmetic surgery procedures? There are several reasons why (flack or no) celebrities will decide to be public—or not. It turns out, there’s probably a cost to not talking just as there’s a cost to open discussion.

So Why Do Celebrities Talk About Their Cosmetic Surgery?

But I think it’s important to mention that celebrities aren’t necessarily much different than you or I in this respect. Everyone makes some kind of effort towards either mystery or transparency. It will depend on your procedure, your comfort level, and how open you generally are as a person.

Ultimately, that kind of transparency is up to you—no one should be able to force you to talk about your medical procedures. And while some results might be more bold than others, it’s always up to you (or any celebrity) to discuss as much or as little as you want. So why do celebrities talk about their cosmetic surgery? Because they want to.

A Little More Complicated

Of course, it’s not always quite as easy as that. In many cases, celebrities aren’t really given the option to fly under the radar. The nature of their occupation has them under a constant spotlight. That’s not meant to be a “woe-is-the-celebrity” kind of statement. It’s just meant to highlight that, in many cases, celebrities cannot hide as easily as non-celebs can.

That said, there are certainly ways that you can go about hiding your plastic surgery results if you so wish:

  • Leading up to a breast augmentation, you can wear more flattering bras to make your breasts appear larger
  • Prior to a facelift, you can wear more makeup around your face to hide lines and wrinkles
  • Before a lip augmentation, you can wear plenty of bold lipstick in order to make your lips appear larger
  • You can use “contouring” makeup techniques in order to highlight various areas of your body, changing the way they look

Of course, there are ways you can hide your procedure after the fact as well. Most of that involves wearing hats or loose fitting clothing. But part of the problem is that many patients who, for example, get a breast augmentation underwent the procedure specifically so they would not have to wear loose fitting clothing.

How to Be Open About Your Plastic Surgery

If you want to discuss your plastic surgery openly, following in the footsteps of celebrities such as Iggy Azalea and Kelly Rowland, we have some tips on how to ease your way into it:

  • Keep the conversation within your comfort zone: There’s nothing wrong with controlling the conversation. And it’s okay to tell people, “I’m not really comfortable answering that question.” This can be especially helpful for procedures such as breast augmentation or breast lift—procedures that tend to be a little more private.
  • Start with telling family and friends: It’s really tough to discuss personal topics with total strangers, right? And yet, work acquaintances might ask you about having work done. If you’ve had these conversations with friends and family beforehand, you might have a little bit of practice to rely on.
  • Use “I feel” statements: This might sound a little odd, like maybe you’re in therapy or something. But it’s amazing how effective “I feel” statements can be in this context. Instead of saying “My breasts were too small,” you can say “I felt like my breasts were too small.” The difference is that people will be tempted to correct you when you say the first one (“Oh, no they aren’t”) and listen to you when you say the second one.

Your Choices—Just as With Celebrities

Ultimately, you can play things as mysteriously as you like. For example, non surgical procedures—the kind that you can typically get form a cosmetic surgeon or a high end medical spa—can help you achieve results that are subtle and look natural, side-stepping the entire issue.

But you should feel free to be as open or as secretive as you like. After all, it’s your body, and you aren’t obligated to tell anyone anything about it (though, it is wise to keep your surgeon in the loop). Though, it is nice to keep in mind that celebrities have the same right—think about that the next time you’re looking up those Kim Kardashian plastic surgery rumors.

Why do celebrities talk about their plastic surgery procedures when they do? Partly to be open—and partly I think, to help everyone else be open too.

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