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How Well Do

Butt Implants Work?

Do butt implants really work? There’s news of one plastic surgery veteran (she’s had a decent number of procedures) who is unhappy with her butt implant results because it has made sitting awkward. That said, the results still seemed to appear satisfactory–the patient just didn’t like the way they felt. That has something to do with the use of silicone implants in some butt augmentation procedures. Is there a better way to achieve a butt lift?

There’s been a woman in the news recently–a veteran of many plastic surgery procedures–who found her butt implants lacking in significant ways. Her biggest complaint was that they made sitting awkward. That might sound like a small thing, until you consider just how much of your life you typically spend sitting (and if you can’t sit, you also might find it difficult to relax).

How Well Do Butt Implants Really Work?

All of which brings up the question: do butt implants really work? In general, silicone implants can be effective in increasing the size of the buttocks. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that patients are thrilled or happy with the results.

In part, that’s because of this sitting problem. In a way, when you sit, you’ll be sitting on your implants. And that can feel a bit odd to some patients, especially at first. The implants in a butt augmentation aren’t terribly different from those used in a breast augmentation. The difference, of course, is that you end up sitting on your rear end. Do butt implants really work? In some ways, yes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be your best option.

Multiple Ways to Augment the Backside

Butt augmentation is a relatively common procedure. There are plenty of patients out there who are keen to experience the look and feel of a larger rear end. And it’s not just the size, it’s the shape. A large, round buttock area is definitely what most patients are after. And this can be difficult to achieve naturally.

That’s not to say it’s impossible. But bulking up the buttocks requires a committed exercise regimen (and good genetics), and many people simply do not have the time to achieve that naturally.

By far, the most popular means of achieving larger buttocks is through a procedure known as Brazilian Butt Lift. You’ve probably heard of a Brazilian Butt Lift (or BBL) before. But what exactly does it do? And how is it different from the kind of butt augmentation that uses a silicone implant?

The Difference Between Brazilian Butt Lift and Implants

There are several primary differences between a Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants. First and foremost, traditional butt augmentation would use silicone implants to increase the apparent size of the buttocks. A Brazilian Butt Lift, on the other hand, will use injections of your own fat to increase the volume of your butt.

Advantages and Drawbacks to a Brazilian Butt Lift

This approach, of using your own donor fat, has several advantages over more traditional silicone implants:

  • The results from a Brazilian Butt Lift will look significantly more natural than a silicone implant
  • Your results will also feel more natural, because you’ll just be sitting on a certain amount of fat–like usual!
  • BBL procedures are usually minimally invasive, as the fat is introduced via a series of injections
  • Liposuction, used to collect the donor fat, usually only requires an incision that’s a couple of centimeters in length
  • You get to decide where to donate fat from, slimming your body in one area in order to add volume to the buttocks
  • The results are effectively permanent, and you’ll never have to have the “implants” removed, as you would with a silicone implant type

As you can see, there are a substantial number of benefits to a Brazilian Butt Lift. So why doesn’t everyone just choose that procedure over silicone implants? Well, there are indeed a couple of drawbacks to the Brazilian Butt Lift method. Those drawbacks include:

  • If your body does not have enough excess fat, it could be difficult to collect enough for the procedure
  • Recovery for a BBL can be somewhat challenging (you have to avoid sitting for a few weeks)
  • Liposuction recovery can also be somewhat challenging, as there’s a decent amount of swelling that accompanies the procedure.

Finding the Right Butt for You

Ultimately, your goal–whether you’re drawn towards a Brazilian Butt Lift or a more traditional silicone implant–is to find what’s going to work best for your individual goals. It’s true that over time, the Brazilian Butt Lift has proven to be incredibly popular and effective (to the degree where the technique is being emulated in, for example, fat graft breast augmentation procedures). But it’s not going to be for everyone.

For some people, a silicone implant will be the best option, especially if their bodies are particularly lean to begin with. Only your plastic surgeon can really tell you which path you’re better off taking. Do butt implants really work? Yes, but it’s up to you and your surgeon to figure out what type of butt implant is going to be ideal for you and your body.

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