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Summary: We lose elasticity as we age. For many of us, this can result in a drooping of the breast, and an unflattering profile. Help is on it’s way- with a Breast Lift procedure you can restore and enhance the shape and feel of your breasts.

Time Isn’t Always On Our Side

The aging process can be a difficult one. Between drooping skin, a loss of elasticity, and wrinkles- time can seem to not always be on our side. One effect that aging is known to have is causing the breasts to sag and hang lower than usual. This will effect not only your front view, but also your profile. Luckily, though, there are cosmetic procedures that can correct this and restore your breasts to a youthful texture and shape. During Breast Lift surgery, doctors correct the negative effects of aging and give you beautiful, shapely breasts.

Lift Up and Love Your Breasts!

Breast Lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure done under general anesthesia. Your doctor will remove the excess skin around your breast and tighten the remaining skin all while you are asleep. This process will create a smooth, firm looking final product. Incision points vary depending on how much skin needs to be removed for the result you are hoping for, but those who only need to remove a little bit of skin will be happy to know the incisions can typically be kept within the area of the areola. Your Breast Lift is customized with you in mind, and will be very individualized for your specific requirements. Discuss your desired results with your doctor to make sure that you both have the same goals for your post-surgery look!

Many Reasons to Lift Your Breasts

While aging is a big reason why women decide to have a Breast Lift, it isn’t the only reason. There are so many factors that can cause our breasts to sag, and any of those can be corrected with Breast Lift surgery. The following are just a few of these causes:

  • Aging
  • Weight changes
  • Bad genes
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding

Thousands of women every year elect to have surgery on their breasts to correct these issues. Some of the options for procedures that are available are:

  • Breast Implant Exchange
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

There are so many options that it is important for you to discuss them all with your doctor to decide which is the right plan of attack for you. If you make the right decision, you will be left with fantastic results. Better looking breasts are achievable and are only a few incisions away!

Consider This

As with all forms of plastic surgery in Dallas, there are always risks. As previously mentioned, Breast Lift procedures are done under a general anesthesia. This makes the processes one that can be dangerous. Allergic reactions or adverse reactions to the Breast Lift surgery are rare occurrences, but they definitely can happen. Soreness and swelling after surgery are very common, and special garments will need to be worn to help with both of these issues. Some women experience these side effects for several months after surgery, so it is important to discuss all of these factors with your doctor before electing to have a Breast Lift. Every woman will have her own experience, though, and rarely does a patient regret their decision. Your breasts can be returned to their perky, youthful feel and shape with a Breast Lift procedure!

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