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How can we explain

the popularity of breast explant surgery?

Why is breast explant surgery so popular at the same time that breast augmentations are the number one procedure? These two facts (and these two procedures) seem as though they’d cancel each other out a little bit. But the reasons for each procedures popularity are quite complicated. Why is breast explant surgery so popular in the first place? That’s what we’re going to spend some time trying to figure out.

We’ll have to wait for the stats to come in to confirm it, but based on anecdotal evidence, breast explant surgery in 2018 seems like it’s taking off. So why is breast explant surgery so popular all of the sudden? There are a few reasons for this, I think; some of those reasons are cultural while others are personal.

Why is Breast Explant Surgery so Popular These Days?

Here’s what I mean by that. As always throughout time, beauty is subjective and relative. Everyone has a different definition of what’s beautiful. That’s true on a personal scale and it’s true on a cultural scale, where standards for beauty change slowly over time.

These days, large breasts are not quite as popular for quite as many people as they used to be. That’s not to say that larger breasts can’t be exceptionally attractive on any particular individual. It’s just that cultural trends don’t favor overly large breasts the way they once did. This hasn’t diminished the overall numbers of breast augmentation procedures, but we have seen an increase in the numbers of smaller implants. So why is breast explant surgery so popular even though patients already favor smaller implants? That’s a good question.

What Does Breast Explant Surgery Do?

First, it might be useful to discuss what breast explant surgery does and how it does it. A breast explant procedure is designed to remove a patient’s breast implants. If enough time has passed and healing occurred, surgeons will often use the same incision lines as were used during the initial breast augmentation (in order to limit scarring that may occur).

Once the implants are removed, the breasts will generally return to the their normal size. This may take some time, and the breasts may not always return, precisely, to their original size. There is some variation, and it may depend on how much (if any) excess skin the patient has developed. In some cases, patients will undergo a breast lift along with the breast explant surgery.

Is Breast Explant and Breast Implant Revision the Same Thing?

In many ways, breast explant surgery and breast implant revision surgery are nearly inseparable and similar. During a breast implant revision procedure, your old implants will be removed and replaced with a new set of implants. Patients could replace silicone for saline or smaller for larger. It all depends on what the patient is trying to accomplish. It’s essentially the same procedure as breast explant surgery, except that during a revision a new implant is inserted.

What Explains the Popularity of Breast Explant Procedures?

Now that we know what a breast explant surgery actually is, we can start to talk about why it’s popular. The answer to that question is likely complicated, a conflux of variables that happen to click in at the right moment. That’s why many procedures tend to get “hot” when they do. But there are several factors that can help explain why breast explant procedures are becoming popular right this minute:

  • Breast implants are quite durable, but they do have a shelf life. After a certain number of years, it’s recommended that implants be removed or replaced. Some patients simply decide to remove them!
  • Patients tend to associate larger breasts with youth. As patients age, they want their breast size to more accurately reflect who they are in that moment and at that time.
  • The proportions of breasts considered to be attractive are always subjective. Some patients simply begin to feel that smaller breast sizes would be more attractive.
  • Over time, breasts that are too large for one’s frame can cause neck and back pain; some patients wish to eliminate the source of this discomfort, when it’s experienced.

What About the Broad Popular Appeal?

All of which explains the personal appeal of breast explant surgery. But what about the surge in popularity representing a sudden appeal to many people? I’m not sure it’s all that sudden. It could be that breast explant surgery seems more popular because we’re all talking about it all of the sudden.

The procedure also seems to be more widely available than it used to be. Again, this might be driven by the open and honest conversations patients are having about their implants and when they decide to remove them.

Ultimately, if you’re thinking about answering this question, why is breast explant surgery so popular, you’re halfway to the answer already. In large part, it’s popular because we’re talking about. And, to a certain extent, the broad popularity doesn’t really matter. What’s more important is that you get the results you want. Today that could mean a breast augmentation. Tomorrow it could mean a breast explant procedure. It’s all up to you because your opinion of your body is the one that matters the most.

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