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Summary: The nature of a trend is for it to come and go, but when it comes to the non-surgical injectable Botox, there seems to be no slow down in it’s popularity.

Botox Is Beautiful
In the Dallas cosmetic surgery world, trends are constantly changing. Just like fashion, what is in one day is typically out the next. One product, however, has managed to defy these odds and stay on the top of its game since it’s release in early 2002: Botox. There is no slowing down the popularity of this non-surgical injectable. Providing long lasting results with minimum down time, it’s the only product on the market today that the FDA has approved for wrinkles and lines in the forehead. For Botox (and those who receive it) things seem to be going great.

Explaining It’s Success
Though it was used for decades before it’s official release as a temporary cure for signs of aging, Botox was officially FDA approved within the last 10 years. Since then, millions of people have chosen it over traditional face lift surgery to achieve a younger looking face. The reasons Botox consistently wins over invasive surgery include:
It’s long lasting effects. Injectables can help reduce the signs of aging for up to 4 months. This means that you only need about 2 or 3 treatments a year if you choose to maintain your youthful, new look.
You don’t have to commit to anything when you choose this method. Instead of jumping into a permanent surgical procedure, Botox allows you to “put your foot in the water,” and test out your new look before it’s too late to reverse it.
It is so much easier on your face. Injectables and fillers are relatively painless procedures, and is great for quick fixes because the recovery time is much faster than that of general surgery. Creating a less drastic change, injectables are perfect for temporary improvements, too.

It’s Really Quite Easy
In itself, Botox is very simple. By temporarily inhibiting muscles from moving, the wrinkles that have formed in your skin begin to soften because of a lack of muscle activity. This is how the smooth results are achieved. While the effects of these fillers will eventually wear off, results can be expected for about 4 months. It’s clear that Botox is the best choice for your temporary wishes. And, if you love your look, you can continue injections and your face will maintain it’s youthful new look for as long as you go in for treatments!

Safety First
There is always a buzz around Botox claiming that it isn’t safe, but this is incorrect. When used in a safe, clean, pure way, Botox is incredibly safe. Most of these “horror stories” are because of unlicensed procedures or black market products being used. If you visit a licenced professional to receive your injections, you can rest assure that there are very few risks.

Act Now
The results of Botox speak for themselves. You’ve read the studies, you’ve seen the before and after pictures, and it is clear that all signs are pointing to YES. Fix your lines and wrinkles safely, and sensitively. Non-surgical injectables and fillers are the most obvious choice, and for a decade Botox has been a leader in this pack. FDA approved, and less invasive than a face lift, you are just a few injections away from smooth results!

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