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Should you get Botox for the holidays if you’re looking to impress some of your friends and family? It’s a good question, but not one with an easy answer. That’s because there are many variables to consider, including whether Botox is even the best possible solution to your wrinkles and lines. Timing of these procedures can also be quite crucial. The best place to find out more is from a plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

The holidays are a time for people to get together with friends and family—to enjoy spending time together. And, also, to get judged on the way you look. To get side-eye from your aunts and uncles who wonder about how hard you work. To get grief from your mother who wishes you would just eat a sandwich more often or something.

Thinking About Botox for the Holidays

So should you get Botox for the holidays? That would show them, right? You show up to your family’s holiday party looking all youthful and well rested and such. And then they’d have to say something nice to you, right?

Then again, it might not be that easy. Look, whether or not you should get Botox for the holidays is kind of a personal decision. There are many factors to consider:

  • Whether you actually want Botox in the first place
  • What kind of wrinkles you’re trying to diminish
  • How much time you have before your big family get-togethers

It’s not a decision we would ever presume to make for you. But there are some things you ought to consider if you’re thinking about getting Botox for the holidays. We’ll lay out some of those issues.

Timing is Important

Botox is one of the procedures that’s great because you can get in and get out quickly. At many plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics, you can get your Botox injections and be out the door in less than 15 minutes. It’s a lunch break makeover! Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated.

Because of the way Botox works on wrinkles and lines (through muscles), it can take a while for the effects to become apparent. In fact, it can take a couple of weeks for those lines and wrinkles to really look diminished. If you want to impress your relatives with how youthful you look, you’re best off getting your Botox a few weeks ahead of time.

Look Out for Bruising

By the same token, Botox injections can cause bruising. That means you’re not going to want to schedule your Botox injections for the day before your family dinner—you don’t want to show up with noticeable bruises on your face or have to use a ton of makeup to hide those bruises.

All around, it’s a good idea to schedule your Botox treatment a few weeks before any big events. That way you can let people see your youthful appearance in its prime.

What Kind of Wrinkles Are You Treating?

The popular conception of Botox is as a kind of wonder drug. It’s the injection that makes you look younger, amongst all the other wonderful things it can do. But the truth is that Botox is used to treat one specific type of wrinkle—and it’s those wrinkles that are muscle related.

To be sure, these are the kinds of wrinkles that can’t really be treated any other way. Whether in the forehead (concentration lines) or around the mouth (smile and frown lines), these wrinkles can become deep and noticeable over time. And it’s usually because these over-used muscled get stuck in a kind of “contracted” position. Botox helps these muscles release and, thus, the wrinkle is diminished.

But Botox won’t do anything to help other kinds of lines and wrinkles. For example:

  • If your lines and wrinkles are caused by loss of volume in the face, injectables such as Juvederm or Voluma may be used to fill that volume. That’s where they get the name “dermal filler.” Depending on the type of lines or wrinkles you’re trying to target, these dermal fillers may be a better choice than Botox.
  • Widespread excess skin: There’s only so much Botox (or dermal fillers for that matter) can do. If you have widespread excess skin around your face—and therefore widespread lines and wrinkles—a facelift surgery might be your best bet for looking truly more youthful.

You can talk to your cosmetic or plastic surgeon about all the different types of options you have for fighting wrinkles. Because, at the end of the day, you really do have a lot of options!

More About You Than Your Family

Getting Botox should really be more about how you feel about yourself than how your family might feel about you. In other words, you shouldn’t be getting Botox to impress anyone. You shouldn’t get Botox because you feel pressured to look a certain way.

But if you feel self-conscious about your wrinkles and lines and you’re looking for an injectable solution, Botox might be right for you. It just might take a little bit of extra planning, since Botox for the holidays can be a little more complicated than normal! Contact your local cosmetic surgeon today to find out more.

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