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Summary: Societal pressure, health concerns and the desire to appear attractive can all lead to negative body image. Our bodies are an expression of who we are, whether we prioritize exercise and good health, and how we choose to present ourselves, and while poor body image can be detrimental to our emotional health, being concerned with our bodies is only natural.


When it comes to body issues, we tend to think of women and the pressure to appear feminine and attractive. Body issues in men, however, can be just as prevalent, and men today face more pressure than ever to achieve an ideal male image. The rise in male plastic surgery reflects the growing societal influence on men’s body image and the prevalent concern for appearances regardless of gender.

Social Acceptance

More and more often, we hear comments from men who have undergone plastic surgery such as: “I won’t let my son live with this.” The foundations of our personal image perceptions and self-confidence date back to our childhoods; the criticisms and social ostracism that were either overtly or covertly expressed by classmates or colleagues all have an effect on us. For a variety of reasons, including the lack of funds or atypical perception of plastic surgery on men, especially two decades ago, men avoided seeking correction of anatomic concerns. The consequences are being told to “live with it” will commonly leave lasting scars. As this becomes an increasingly normal undertaking, men have enjoyed the benefits of undergoing cosmetic surgery and will commonly recommend this to friends and family.

Professional Competition

One reason more men than ever are prioritizing their appearances is because of an increasingly competitive job market. When multiple candidates are considered for a single position with little to differentiate them on their resumes, the way you look can make all the difference.

Nowadays, not only do men want to appear put-together and professional in the corporate world, but they’re also striving to appear younger to add to their image of aptitude and confidence. Minor facial surgeries like rhinoplasty can bring your features into balance, while rejuvenating procedures such as eyelid surgery can create a refreshed, alert and more youthful look.

Increasing Health Concerns

Americans have come under criticism for being overweight, resulting in increasing health concerns. However, the obsession with being fit and healthy can translate to feelings of self-consciousness for people who can’t shake their few extra pounds. Because certain types of fat are more difficult to lose than others, increasing numbers of men are turning to liposuction to trim down their pesky bulges. For others, weight loss is only the beginning.

Men who lose significant amounts of weight through bariatric surgery or a long-term dedication to a healthy lifestyle are often left with embarrassing folds of skin and excess tissue, preventing them from feeling proud of their weight loss success. To help men feel comfortable in their own skin after weight loss, a tummy tuck can tighten and tone the midsection while a body lift can address more extensive needs.

Cosmetic Solutions Extend beyond Appearances

As men feel the increasing pressures to achieve a superhero body, maintain a youthful look and perform confidently in the bedroom, cosmetic solutions become much more than a superficial fix. Plastic surgery can help men overcome body issues, adopt a more self-confident attitude and a positive outlook on their lives. Today, more and more plastic surgeons cater toward the needs and concerns of men as well as women, helping patients improve their happiness and quality of life with an appearance that matches more closely to how they feel.

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