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Summary: Arm lifts are often thought of as a fairly simple procedure, but there is actually a lot of planning and customization required for you to achieve optimal results. Understanding your arm lift procedure will help to assure that you get the sexiest arms possible!

The Matters of your Brachioplasty

For those who are seeking out sexy, slender arms, an arm lift procedure is likely your best option. Technically referred to as “brachioplasty,” surgery to the upper and lower arms can leave you looking toned without every entering a gym. Arm lifts in general are a fairly basic surgery, but there are many aspects of the procedure that can vary from patient to patient. Understanding everything there is to know about your arm lift is your best defense against a surgery with less than satisfying results. We suggest consulting with Minneapolis plastic surgeons like Dr. Tholen and Dr. Gervais to learn more about arm lift procedures.


Your Consultation with a Board Certified Surgeon

One of the most critical aspects of any cosmetic surgery procedure happens before the first incision is made. The consultation process with your board certified cosmetic surgeon is where all of the information on what you can expect from your surgery will be revealed. If your surgeon is up to par and a leader in his field, the following topics will likely be discussed during your office visit:

  • Are you a good candidate for surgery? Many arm lift procedures can last up to 3-4 hours depending on the severity of your situation. To be under general anesthesia for that long successfully, the patient should be in good health and ideally a non-smoker. Your doctor should ask you questions about your health to make sure that you can handle an intensive procedure.
  • Is there excess fat to the area that will require liposuction? Not all arm lift procedures require liposuction. Oftentimes women combine these procedures when they have a lot of excess fat in their upper arm area. If you have just recently lost a lot of weight you may not need it. Your surgeon will be able to suggest whether or not this additional procedure will be necessary to the success of your surgery.
  • Is weight loss required before surgery? Sometimes losing weight before your surgery can help assure that you will be in good shape for a 3-4 hour procedure. If you are currently significantly overweight, your doctor may require that you lose a few pounds before he puts you under general anesthesia. This may also help eliminate your need for an addition liposuction component.

Asking Your Own Questions

All cosmetic surgery experiences are unique and highly individualized to suit the patients’ needs and wants. If you are undergoing a brachioplasty procedure in the future, it is likely that you will be consulting with a board certified cosmetic surgeon soon. Asking many of your own questions in addition to the doctor’s questions will help you feel confident that you are making the right decision. Open communication is critical when it comes to successful plastic surgery. Talk to your doctor today about your many arm lift options!

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