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You may think of a tummy tuck as purely cosmetic, but you’d be surprised to learn at some of the additional ways a tummy tuck can improve more than just your appearance.

When you have a tummy tuck, you expect to come out of recovery with a flatter stomach, a toned midsection and a lot less excess skin. But what you may not realize while you’re preparing for your abdominoplasty procedure is that its impact can have reaches far beyond the cosmetic. A tummy tuck can have unexpected positive benefits on your mind and body, from feeling sexier and more confident to having an easier time at the gym. Here are eight ways your tummy tuck could mean more to your life than just a flatter stomach.It can have

1. You’ll Feel Sexier

Of course you’ll feel sexier after your tummy tuck! A newly toned tummy brings slimmer, slinkier clothing options back into play—fashions that are all the better to show off your contoured body. If you’ve struggled with feelings of self-consciousness due to a droopy midsection, tapping into your sensual side can often seem difficult or even impossible. A tummy tuck can help make intimacy more comfortable and effortless, leaving you free to feel like your naturally sexy self.

2. You May Find It Easier to Maintain Your Weight

After your tummy tuck, you may find it easier to maintain lost weight. A study found that patients who combined bariatric surgery for weight loss with a tummy tuck were more likely to keep the weight off after surgery. Patients who combined their weight loss procedure with a tummy tuck gained an average of only 1 pound per year after their procedures, whereas those who underwent bariatric surgery alone gained 4 pounds per year on average. By following weight loss surgery up with a tummy tuck, you could increase your chances of keeping the weight off for good.

3. You Might Not Need to Run to the Restroom as Often

One surprising side effect of your tummy tuck might be a reduction in restroom dashes due to stress urinary incontinence. Tummy tuck surgery may help remove the cause of inadvertent leakage when laughing or sneezing by relieving pressure on the urethra. Your tummy tuck could help keep you from an embarrassing situation.

4. You Could Feel Relief from Hernias

A tummy tuck could also provide some relief from hernia pain. A ventral hernia cause discomfort when abdominal muscles become weak, sometimes after a Caesarean section or appendectomy. This type of hernia can be corrected during a tummy tuck. Combining hernia repair with a tummy tuck can be a safe, simple way to solve two concerns at the same time.

5. You’ll Stand a Little Taller

Because a tummy tuck repairs and tightens your abdominal muscles so your core is better supported, you may see improved posture. Weakened abdominal muscles in combination with the weight of excess skin can cause a condition commonly referred to as sway back, which can often be the cause of some back pain. With a tummy tuck, you’ll rid yourself of that extra skin and strengthen your abdominal muscles, which can reverse sway back, support your spine and help you stand up a little bit straighter. You might also notice your back hurts a bit less, or that the pain of sway back is alleviated entirely.

6. Exercise Might Get Easier

Not only should you see a flatter stomach after your tummy tuck recovery and perhaps even have an easier time maintaining weight loss, but you could also find your time in the gym to be more tolerable. Once again, repairing your abdominal muscles removes any separation that contributes to their inefficiency. Excess skin and weakened abdominals can make certain exercises difficult and uncomfortable, but once you feel the relief a tummy tuck can provide, you may find your love for the gym renewed. Walking, running, crunches and more can feel less burdensome than before your tummy tuck—and with all of the endorphins you’ll be creating with your newfound passion for exercise, you’ll look and feel better than ever.

7. You Might Feel a Bit Less Bloated

Your tummy tuck could leave you feeling less bloated as well. A tummy tuck repairs diastasis recti, a space between the rectus muscles that can naturally occur after childbirth or significant weight loss. With diastasis recti can come bloating and discomfort, which can be remedied by repairing the rectus muscles during a tummy tuck. By removing that space, your plastic surgeon also removes the opportunity for extra bloat, leaving your tummy looking and feeling flatter and firmer.

8. You’ll Feel More Confident

The greatest impact of a tummy tuck comes with your revived self-confidence. With improved posture, a renewed vigor for exercise and a sexy new strut, all that empowerment can spill over to transform the other areas of your life as well. Looking in the mirror and loving the shape of the person you see is an instant boost to self-esteem. Experiencing less bloating, less back pain, less incontinence and less pain from hernias has the potential to change the way you live your life for the better, but whatever your specific appearance concerns, your tummy tuck can be customized to help you reach your personal goals.

A tummy tuck might seem like just way means to a flatter stomach, but the benefits outside of a smoother midsection can be even more inspiration to talk to your plastic surgeon about abdominoplasty.


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