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Summary: Much of motherhood is about sacrifice, so a mommy makeover can be a wonderful way for women to reinvest in themselves. Yet, making the decision to get a mommy makeover is a momentous one, so preparing for your mommy makeover is essential in ensuring a positive experience. Before the date of your surgery, follow these six steps for the best mommy makeover recovery and results.


1. Start at Your Target Weight

After pregnancy, many women find they’re over their target weight by several pounds or more. Because a mommy makeover usually includes body contouring, it’s important for patients to be at a healthy, sustainable weight prior to surgery. Reaching your target weight after giving birth may take several months or longer, so it’s important to plan ahead. Initiate or resume a regular exercise routine and adopt a healthy diet so that you get the best results from fine-tuning your figure.

2. Select Your Surgeon

Choosing your surgeon is equally important as deciding to have a mommy makeover. You’ll want to find an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who understands your goals and prioritizes your health and wellbeing. Research potential surgeons and look for photo galleries that display their work. Scheduling a consultation is a good first step to help determine if a surgeon is the right one for you.

3. Decide Which Procedures Are Best for You

Mommy makeovers are customized to meet the unique needs of each patient. Consulting with your surgeon about your appearance goals can help you decide which procedures will best help you achieve your ideal outcome. For instance, you may decide to customize your tummy tuck by including liposuction. Many women also choose to combine a breast lift with augmentation, while others may benefit most from a breast reduction.

4. Wait at Least Six Months after Giving Birth

It typically takes the body at least six months after giving birth for pregnancy hormones to return to their normal levels. During this time, your body is still adjusting to its post-pregnancy state, which can affect your skin elasticity and your body’s natural healing response. Waiting a minimum of six months after giving birth also gives you time to reach a stable weight before your mommy makeover.

5. Arrange for a Friend or Family Member to Help During Your Recovery

A mommy makeover can be fairly extensive, and you should prepare adequately for your recovery. During your initial stage of healing, you’ll need help at home, especially if you have young children. Your movement will be limited as you heal from your various procedures, and you may not be able to bend over, lift objects or prepare meals.

Enlisting a friend or family member who can help out with household tasks and childcare can help you focus on recovering from your mommy makeover rather than chores and physical tasks.

6. Prepare a Recovery Room

Arrange a room of your house into a recovery zone for your optimal comfort, equipped with extra pillows that can provide support, a mini fridge full of water, ice packs to reduce post-surgical swelling and anything else you may require for a comfortable recovery. Have a supply of entertainment at your fingertips, whether it’s your favorite magazines, books or movies.

You may also consider keeping a supply of button-up shirts so that you can avoid pulling anything over your head during the first several days after surgery. Ensuring that you’re well-equipped for the journey from preparation through to recovery can help you enjoy the best mommy makeover experience.


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