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Summary: While no woman expects to look her best immediately after pregnancy, having months or even years go by without seeing the anticipated return to your former figure can feel discouraging. A mommy makeover can leave you looking and feeling fabulous by specifically addressing those lingering body concerns that didn’t disappear along with the baby weight.



1. Boost Your Breasts

The breasts are certainly one of the defining features of the feminine form, yet are also among the body areas hit the hardest by pregnancy and nursing. If your figure doesn’t feel quite as head-turning as before you had your kiddos, breast enhancement can perk your curves back up again.

The specific breast enhancement included with your mommy makeover can vary, depending upon your preferences. If your breasts have fallen just a little too low for your liking, you might love a breast lift to raise and reshape your existing assets. If you want an increase in volume, natural-looking breast augmentation would be your best bet. Of course, there’s also the option of a combination procedure, which will give both your cup size and breast placement a boost, right along with your confidence.

2. Banish Stubborn Fat Deposits

Many women find that hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause their bodies to distribute fat in new places after having children, even after getting back down to pre-pregnancy weight again.

AquaShape™ liposuction can sculpt your body to slim down trouble spots like the love handles, inner thighs or an embarrassing double chin quickly and effectively, with remarkably little bruising. With a recovery time of typically no more than one or two days, you can be back to work chasing after your little ones in no time.

3. Lose the Muffin Top

No matter how much you crunch, shred, or roll your abs, sometimes that roll just above your pubic bone won’t budge after pregnancy. A tummy tuck can smooth and tighten your belly by repairing underlying structural damage like the separated abdominal muscles that so often occur after pregnancy. A tummy tuck also gives you gorgeous contours and a shapelier midsection by removing loose, stretched-out skin that’s lost its elasticity, helping you to feel less self-conscious when wearing bathing suits, tank tops or fitted skirts.

4. Put Your Best Face Forward

You might not have gotten a ton of sleep in the first few months of new parenthood, but with the help of facial rejuvenation, you can still look almost as fresh-faced as your newborn.

Whether you want to minimize stubborn crow’s feet, plump up lines around your mouth, lift droopy eyelids or just reenergize your complexion, a consultation is the first step in deciding which facial procedure can yield the best results for you.

5. Improve Your Health

While a mommy makeover may include primarily cosmetic procedures, the chafing, soreness or rashes that can occur due to sagging abdominal or breast skin can be relieved with the help of a mommy makeover, enhancing your overall quality of life along with giving your self-image a turbo boost.

If you’ve been unsuccessful in eliminating stubborn body fat, feel frustrated over stretched-out skin or find yourself in need of a facial refresher, you could be a great candidate for a mommy makeover. Once your body is back in business, you’ll not only look fantastic, you’ll feel like a million bucks, squared.

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