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Summary:When it comes to body contouring, Liposculpting just might be the type of comprehensive approach the cosmetic world has been waiting for.


Liposculpting is a more advanced version of liposuction that offers more benefits than its traditional counterpart. By combining liposuction techniques with a heightened aptitude for fine-tuning, shaping, and sense of proportion, Liposculpting can provide patients with contours that may not be achievable any other way. Here are five reasons why Liposculptingtrumps traditional lipo.

1. Emphasis on Body Contouring

While traditional liposuction focuses on removing fat cells from specific areas, Liposculpting shifts the emphasis from basic fat removal to true shape contouring. Bringing a more comprehensive focus to the procedure, Liposculpting can not only remove fat, but also shift and reshape tissue to deliver a final result that is based on both an artistic and a medical standpoint. Through greater attention to detail, Liposculpting is designed to literally sculpt the body into ideal contours for either the male or female form, with an emphasis on what matters most… the waist.

2. Focus on Body Shape

Liposculpting isn’t just about minimizing fat. In fact, limited amounts of fat can actually enhance the appearance of certain areas, such as across the abdomen, hips and thighs. Rather than placing emphasis on the volume of fat, Liposculpting emphasizes the end result, working with each individual’s natural figure, bone structure and proportions. Developing a beautiful and natural body shape requires a three-dimensional approach with a focus on the larger picture instead of zooming in on specific areas. This requires a skilled surgeon with an aesthetic eye for the human form.

3. More Precise Technique

While the suction device used in liposuction, called a cannula, is designed to remove the highest volume of fat in the shortest time possible, Liposculpting uses a variety of instrument sizes that can cater to a more precise technique. The cannulas used for Liposculpting patients are designed with finer and more exact tips that can not only perform optimal sculpting, but also avoid complications that might arise in a more hurried procedure. During a single Liposculpting procedure, as many as eight different cannula sizes may be used on the same patient, each one specifically designed for a different purpose.


4. Comprehensive Pre-Op Analysis

Each Liposculpting™ patient can expect to undergo extensive pre-operative analysis to determine the best approach customized for his or her individual needs. During this time, the surgeon will carefully identify fat pockets that should be removed and others that can be tr nsferred for a more ideal result, and will also designate areas for precise sculpting. The surgeon will need to use an artistic eye to develop a three-dimensional plan for each patient’s unique figure. The process is incredibly detailed and requires a practitioner with specialization in the Liposculpting™ technique and a skilled and artistic approach to body contouring.

5. Superior Results

The level of detail, precision, artistry and professionalism involved in the Liposculpting procedure results in superior results. By comprehensively addressing issues such as symmetry, proportion, shape and height in conjunction with each patient’s unique figure and cosmetic goals, Liposculpting can bring each individual as close as possible to his or her ideal body contours. This innovative new body contouring technique takes traditional liposuction to a whole new level. By combining an artistic sense of aesthetics and precision with medical grade care, Liposculpting presents an entirely new method of contouring that just might be the answer to your cosmetic concerns.



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