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Summary: Multiple factors affect the outcome of a liposuction procedure. Among them are a surgeon’s experience and training, the choice of an ideal liposuction technique for the patient’s particular needs, and anatomical factors such as degree of skin elasticity. But perhaps most important among these considerations is good overall patient health. A healthy lifestyle is the most trusted way to ensure the best liposuction results, for four very good reasons.

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1. Active Lifestyles Preserve Results Long-Term

While lipo permanently removes fat cells from target areas, it’s still possible to gain weight following the procedure if patients do not continue with their existing habits for good health like eating right and staying active. Overall, liposuction has been proven safe and effective even over the long term when results are maintained by patients who stay in good health.

To preserve your look for many years to come, it is important to maintain a stable, standard weight. Only diet and exercise can prevent future weight gain, and (despite urban legends to the contrary) it is possible for patients to gain significant weight after liposuction, even if they may see a different distribution of fat compared to their pre-lipo body shape.

2. Lipo Means Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Though patients may get tired of hearing it, this message bears repeating: liposuction is not a weight loss method, it’s a contouring procedure. For patients at a stable weight with localized fat deposits that are diet- and exercise-resistant, liposuction is a good solution for improving the contours of the body. If weight loss is the goal, then diet and exercise should be the prescription, not liposuction. In general, the typical liposuction procedure will remove about 3 to 7 pounds of fat. The pounds aren’t what matters; it’s all about the targeted areas where that fat is removed.

3. Active Patients Have More Realistic Expectations

Anyone who puts in regular time at the gym knows that changing the body takes serious dedication, patience, and realistic expectations. People don’t drastically change their weight or shape with a week on the treadmill, and the same is true of the operating table. While cosmetic surgeons can create beautiful results with lipo, they can’t work miracles without a positive foundation to start from.

The most satisfied patients have realistic expectations, and asking questions about liposuction beforehand as well as looking at real patient before-and-after shots can help men and women learn what they can reasonably expect. In general, patients with healthy lifestyles also have logical outlooks and practical hopes for what lipo can achieve.

4. Safer Surgery and Faster Recovery

Any surgical procedure, whether medically necessary or performed for aesthetic reasons, takes some type of toll on the body. While lipo is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the world and has an excellent safety record, it should not be undertaken lightly. Thinking about patient safety should always be a top priority when under a physician’s care.

As with any surgery, a patient in better health is more likely to have a reduced risk of complications, a higher level of safety and a faster recovery. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will put as much emphasis on safe surgical practices as on aesthetic goals while performing lipo or any other procedure, and that includes ensuring that potential lipo candidates are in excellent health ahead of time.

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