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4 Ways Breast Augmentation Loses

Summary: After giving birth, a woman’s body changes immensely. Over time, your body also continues its normal aging process, and sometimes the combination of the two forces leaves a woman looking aged or just not herself. Plus, stubborn fat that is impossible to lose post-baby, or loose skin around the stomach area, often makes a woman long for the days of her pre-baby figure.

While some women think that a breast augmentation may help them achieve desirable contours, sometimes a mommy makeover is really the best solution for them. It’s the mommy makeover vs breast augmentation debate, and depending on a woman’s goals, a mommy makeover is usually ideal for a woman to enjoy themselves as a new mom and feel great about how they look.

Feeling and Looking Your Best

By combining procedures in order to create a fully rejuvenated look, a mommy makeover can improve overall body contours. Having a newfound confidence in her body, mothers typically find that they are all around happier with all of the rapid changes in her life. A mommy makeover can restore confidence and help a woman to maximize her true self.

Clothes Fit Better

Obviously, your body contours go way beyond your breast size. There are several other factors that go into having a nice figure, and having the whole body in harmony is one of them. Many women notice that clothes fit and feel better after a mommy makeover, because it addresses areas of the body that a breast augmentation alone does not. Flanks on the hips can be removed with liposuction, or for women with loose abdominal muscles after being pregnant, a tummy tuck can help tighten their core and midsection.

One Procedure

Instead of having various procedures performed at different times, why not combine and recover at once, to reduce the amount of downtime? A mommy makeover allows women to address their concerns in a single surgery. This is extremely beneficial for busy women (aka, every mom) who juggle many different roles and responsibilities within their day-to-day lives.

Recovery on Your Schedule

One of the best benefits of a mommy makeover is that the total recovery time is reduced. And in many cases, the winter months provide a perfect time to take it easy for a few weeks. January and February, when the kids are back in school after holiday breaks, can be a great time to plan your surgery. Plus, you can be fully healed and ready to show off your new look poolside in the spring and summer.

A mommy makeover is really the way to go for women who wish to improve their overall appearance, and not just enhance their breasts. For many women, restoring their body to its former version, if not better, is exciting and inspiring. The best way to tell if you are a candidate is to speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon and tell him or her about your goals.

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