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Summary: Even a casual art observer will recognize the many classic depictions over time of the female form. Entire museums and galleries are dedicated to the iconic paintings and sculptures that celebrate ample, curvy feminine figures. Today’s aesthetic, however, marks a significant shift away from the round, soft shape that was prized long ago. In recent years, our culture has focused on fitness as defining the desired look for men and women.

A toned, taut appearance has never been more in style. Marilyn Monroe may still be an iconic beauty, but it’s unlikely that she would have catapulted to the same level of fame in today’s era of six-pack abs and celebrity personal trainers like Tracy Anderson and Gunnar Peterson. Our culture’s focus on fitness has not only influenced beauty standards, but has also affected trends in cosmetic surgery, with some of the most popular cosmetic procedures adapting to the change in style.

1. The Rising Popularity of Smaller Breast Implants

In the past, breast augmentation seemed to be synonymous with large implants. However, many women today are opting for more modestly-sized implants, with terms like the “Brazilian B” pointing to the popularity of a more subtle, natural look offered by smaller, perkier breasts. With so many women participating in CrossFit, SoulCycle, kickboxing and other high-impact sports, fitness is a priority and large breasts can get in the way of a good workout. Smaller breast implants may offer the best of both worlds, delivering youthful breasts that fit in perfectly with a more active lifestyle.

2. Tummy Tucks with a Side of Lipo

Advances in cosmetic surgery have lead to an increase in tummy tuck options. Although a traditional abdominoplasty focuses on removing loose hanging skin from the stomach area, it does little to address unseemly fat bulges. In the 1990s, Brazilian surgeon Dr. Juarez M. Avelar pioneered a novel approach to tummy tucks that uses a smaller incision and includes liposuction. By combining liposuction with an abdominoplasty, the Avelar tummy tuck allows for more comprehensive contouring of the stomach. This innovative method trims the fat in and around the midsection before tightening and toning the skin and abdominal muscles for a fitter-looking result.

3. Demand for Liposuction in New Target Spots

Whether you’re a daily fitness fanatic or a weekend warrior, it’s likely that some regions of your body don’t respond to diet and exercise. The most popular areas for liposuction include the love handles, hips and thighs, but as our cultural focuses on sculpting the whole figure, the demand for liposuction on lesser-known target spots has risen. Safe and effective on almost any part of the body, more people are getting liposuction to fix double chins, get rid of “cankles” and remove stubborn back fat for sleeker contours. Both men and women benefit from liposuction, and the procedure ranked number one among cosmetic surgical procedures for men in 2014.

4. More Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Whether it’s to enhance image, get a career boost or restore a more youthful look, growing numbers of men have turned to cosmetic surgery in recent years. The spike in male procedures since 2000 proves that men are increasingly interested in investing in their appearance. With the rise of body contouring procedures such as abdominal sculpting, tummy tucks and body lifts, the message is clear: sometimes you need a little help outside of the gym to get that beach body.

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